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I just got back my first altered garment from Cardelino and was really happy with it.
I have what I think is the identical coat, but with different buttons, not sure why that is. It is incredibly soft and comfortable.
Just received a pair of these Brown Calfskin Chukka boots from TSM: http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-men..._calfskin.html They are brown calfskin Chukkas with what they call "lightweight microcellular outsoles and heels." I really love these boots, but unfortunately the size I received is wrong and they don't have any left in my size. I know these are custom made for TSM, but has anyone seen something similar elsewhere: brown calfskin Chukka with microcellular sole? ...
Thanks for the heads up on Benedetti's--just grabbed a pair of Alden Shell Cordovan #8 PTB's for $295. Not sure if this is a regular sale, but I also went by RM Williams and got a pair of Wentworth Yearling in Chestnut for $300 down from $380. Know these can be had for cheaper on the net, but I thought it was an okay price for their official store.
Look great, PM sent about 25.
I recently had a suit made from a Vitale Barberis Canonico fabric described as "Wool and Summer Kid Mohair". They're extremely light, feel super comfortable, and work very well in warm weather. I love the pants so much that I'm contemplating having some more pants made in different colors or perhaps finding a RTW pair of pants made from a similar type of material. A couple of questions: -Is there any reason not to use this material for stand-alone pants--is it...
Thanks for the info, guys. Going to grab them tomorrow if they're still there.
Contemplating a first purchase of some Aldens. Don't have $600 to get what I want but just tried on a pair of the Shell Cordovan Plain Toe Bluchers Model 990, Barrie last, that fit well and were on sale for half price. This is the shoe: http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-men..._cordovan.html Is there anyone who has these shoes and can offer thoughts on what you commonly wear them with, whether you love them, etc.? Could they be worn with a suit or are they too...
Thanks for the info.
Anybody have experience with these boots? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP..._color=Cognac# Looks like a good deal if they're good quality. One other question: would they be okay to wear with a suit?
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