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Can you post measurements, please?
Mistake please delete.
Interested. Can you give measurements, please?
Sorry missed them. My mistake.
IStill available? If so, is it possible to get some measurements on this?
Pm'd you about the EG jacket--is it still available?
Thought some of you might enjoy my story in WSJ magazine on the sapeurs of the Congo: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111903927204576574553723025760.html
I know there are boatloads of Mabitex kicking around at Daffy's but are there any Incotex anymore? I can't seem to find them where I look. Have they disappeared entirely?
Is it possible to post measurements of the EG jackets? Thanks.
Don't know about 1, but take a look at Rimowa for 2. The more expensive metal stuff looks very nice.
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