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Anyone seen the Minnis Fresco II in Prince of Wales pattern? Terrible idea for a Blazersuit? I have seen the Fresco II fabric and like it but now need to order blind for timing reasons so I am deliberating between Grey and POW. Any thoughts on how light the0500 is versus the 0501 or 0502 for this purpose? Thanks in advance for your advice.
Thanks for the updates. Going to see if anything's hit NYC yet. Promise I will only buy enough for personal consumption and leave some for the rest of you.
Thought some of you might enjoy this piece I wrote in WSJ, the Wall Street Journal's mag, about why Japan is the best place in the world to eat, drink, shop and sleep. Of special interest to SFers: the story features a profile and some photos of The Real McCoy's founder, Hitoshi Tsujimoto.
Any chance for some photos and measurements?
Can you post measurements, please?
Mistake please delete.
Interested. Can you give measurements, please?
Sorry missed them. My mistake.
IStill available? If so, is it possible to get some measurements on this?
Pm'd you about the EG jacket--is it still available?
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