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Thought some of you might enjoy this:
Thought some of you might enjoy this video. I made it on a recent visit to Buenos Aires shoemaker Calzados Correa as part of a story for Medium's Gone. You can see the full article here, which is not just about Correa but about a search for authentic, local experience in Buenos Aires and the world. Thoughts on this?
This is the easiest place to start:
Sorry already covered in another thread. Thanks.
Noticed you were looking on Yoox. FYI, their sizing is done in a very confusing way. The size you see displayed is not the actual US size. It somehow corresponds to the equivalent suit size... What you need to do is click through to see what they list as the Italian size for the pants. This is correct. Then you can back convert to your US size, and you will get something very different from what it was originally sized as by Yoox. Makes very little sense. So, for...
Oh right, sorry.I thought the same re: chambray when she said that. But perhaps I misunderstood her. I'll have to look at it more closely: perhaps there is a slightly different white wefted into it, which might make it chambray?
Thanks, that's right, unbelragazzo: Chambray-ish blue fabric is from Testa, I believe. I was also told by Nicole that one of the whites, I believe from TM, was chambray as well. I think the brown check might be TM Gold Line.
Thanks very much for the American Sember info, Shirtmaven. Nicole was very helpful. Pretty amazing selection of unusual stuff, I think. Here's a photo of my haul, which includes a lot of those Alumo 36" rolls, some TM including one Gold Line, and one piece of Testa: And here are some recent acquisitions from Tip-Top, including some Ariston Hopsack 50% Mohair, 50% Wool, some Windowpane Fresco, which I believe is Woodhouse, though there is nothing printed on the roll,...
One more fabric question: I had a suit made up in Drapers Five Stars because I really liked the look and feel of the fabric . However I'm unsure how to describe it and thus how to look for other similar fabrics. Is Drapers Five Stars always a particular type of fabric or is it simply a line of Drapers suitings that encompasses multiple fabric types? If is always a particular kind of cloth, what is that cloth called?
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