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Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Go for a happy medium , chino/jeans with nice shirt... Bring a jacket and if everybody is casual just leave it in the car. Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Too smart... That is fine for a garden party or a posh B&Q , not for a colleague outdoor party... First you post ''chinos,nice shirt, bring jacket" I post picture of that, and you say "too smart"?
The khaki/polo is OK, but you run the risk of looking like a BestBuy guy (like someone already said) and even worse look exactly like someone else at the party. But if you have to go that way, make sure the fit is perfect. Slim fit khakis with a polo from Kent Wang. Or do one of these. I like the one on the left. You can remove the jacket if it's too warm, but have it ready for a pretty young lady if she gets chilly when the sun goes down.
Quote: Originally Posted by w.o.e.is.me. I vowed not to make comments unless I post a fit pic. Tried setting up a shot with a 4yr old and 2yr old in the room with 10minutes before we need to get out the door. Umm, no go. I post the pic (shrunk it ) in order to comment on w.o.e is me. [[SPOILER]] Few would attempt that SC. You killed it. I think someone posted they thought it was "unflattering"? No way. You look like you should be in some spy movie with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Digmenow I hit my "A" thrift today and I was not disappointed.I picked up a pair of perfectly fitting AE Parks in brown with the vibram sole to round out my upper scale dress shoe collection. I'm on my feet all day on a tile/carpet (no padding) sales floor so I'm interested in comparing the feel of the soles by the end of the day. Also a pair of Clarks black mocs for padding around during an upcoming trip along with a Loro Piana BB...
Seriously now, FINAL drops.
Quote: Originally Posted by Krish the Fish Which DPGs Chico? We had DPG cuban classics (black label). I also brought and smoked an Opus X Lost City my Dad gave me, and a La Aroma de Cuba Edition Especial. I hope you get your cutter and lighter back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter anyone know where I can get that BAND? TIA http://www.watchbands.com/category.a...ategoryID,,682
Camping in the Adirondacks. Five friends, lots of grilled meats, scotch, and a box of Don Pepin's. Bad news: favorite lounge is shutdown. Been going there at least twice a week for almost 3yrs. Rumors are it was a tax evasion sort of thing. Did a drive-by , big orange sticker with the word "Seized" across the door.
Just get another suit or sportscoat/pants fit. I notice you are a 40R. I happen to have a few 40R suits for sale. (check sig) Also have a blue blazer 40R and a nice tan silk Hickey Freeman sportscoat.
[quote=evolsty;4464445] That's(Coppley) a Canadian suit maker ...I think they retail for $1,100 and up. I think Harry Rosen is a shop in Toronto.
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