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Quote: Originally Posted by justinsmnz Found and absolutely incredible Blue checked HS&M Gold Trumpeter sport coat in Loro Piana 100% Worsted Cashmere today. Probably the softest fabric I've found on a SC. Only problem is it's 52R (US) and has some slight wear around the collar. I know there's a few guys on here that the size may work for so if anyone's interested I'd be happy to head over and pick it up. I found a similar HS&M gold...
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance I have always heard that he held two similar positions at Bergdorf's and Neiman Marcus simultaneously. I don't think he lost both unless it was actually one job. Maybe I just assumed it was two separate jobs. So, perhaps there is no need to worry, as they say uptown, Nickelson might still be eating out here. Neiman Marcus/ Bergdorfs= same company.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix Chico: Put a space in between your IMG tags so the pics don't all have to display on one line. Please. They seem to take up more space this way, but changed it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix Sunday: [[SPOILER]] Can't quite get camera angle right when Mrs. O snaps the pictures. Not sure what the problem is. Angle seems fine. Love that hat. Thrifted?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwi Man I bet it was worth driving now you found all of those items, right? I think you misunderstood. I live 150miles away from any major city(so bigtimer clothing is not here), but I have a few thrift stores near me. I usually stop at them while I have time to kill and I'm passing by anyway. All those items were found locally.
NIB w/ shoe bags. Made in Italy Salvatore Ferragamo Split Toe golf shoes. $190>$180>$170>$150$125 Shipped CONUS
Living 150miles from any major city puts chances of finding Kiton,Isaia, etc. at slim to none. These recent pickups fit nicely in my wardrobe. Ties:Aquascutum($5),Piatelli($5),Battistoni($2),Hugh Parsons($2) Shirts:Valentino($5)(collar tight so use as casual),Thomas Pink(fits like a glove)($2)
Hit a five store circuit yesterday and did pretty well. Nothing really worth bragging/pic posting (BrooksBrothers,J.Crew casual stuff)...but I did grab a shirt that looked really nice and it was half off color...on the way to the register I look at the tag, "Valentino" home I look more and it says ''made in Hong Kong". Are these quality shirts? It fits me very well and I love the color, so its a keeper, but just wondering if it was a good quality shirt. Spotted a...
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor In my limited experience, it's best to go the day after the big clearout sales; that's when you'll finally see new stuff on the racks. Good idea. Wednesday I stopped by the Sal Army, the place was packed. Looked like it was green ticket day, and I couldn't figure out why there were so many people in there until I heard the cashier say everything was 50% off EXCEPT GREEN. I tried and tried to find good...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Go for a happy medium , chino/jeans with nice shirt... Bring a jacket and if everybody is casual just leave it in the car. Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Too smart... That is fine for a garden party or a posh B&Q , not for a colleague outdoor party... First you post ''chinos,nice shirt, bring jacket" I post picture of that, and you say "too smart"?
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