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Here's an in-action shot of the Varvatos linen jeans(w/ Valentino shirt, pants+shirt cost me about $9) after wearing them out to dinner and drinks Friday night. While down on LI for the weekend I wanted to hit some thrifts thinking that I'm going to score with bigtimer wears. The first stop was a SA on the north shore. Holy disappointments. Nothing. Men's selection was terrible.On Saturday I swung by a GW and after 15mins it looked like it was going to be another bust...
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin I love the top half, like the bottom half, but the two together seem off(color of pants maybe) to me. (consider my post count/fits, might not know what i'm talking about).sticking to my ''no comments w/o posting fit'' rule..travel day...casual. If BP-LI ferry sinks today you won't have to worry about my posts anymore. Enjoy your weekend. [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr_Incognito Deets on the pants please,Thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep Finally someone has explained the secret behind the Spoo. I prefer his normal Michael Phelps look, even if it is technically incorrect. I think it's a perfect fit for concealed weapons and other spy gadgets. Notice we haven't heard from IST in a while? Spoo befriends him, he disappears. Coincidence or...
Quote: Originally Posted by beaconshome ratboycom I work with kids who have Autism. I'm going into the mental health field - a line of work that typically is underpaid and overworked, but nonetheless it is what I want to do. Big props to you. Certainly an underpaid and overworked field. You can still make a decent living if you play your cards right. Although once looked down upon, going to a state or county agency can be a good career...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo I don't usually go in this thread, but what's with these posts? They're really strange... You have to click link in his signature if you want to see the pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by spoozy I'm not a fan of those lapel flowers, but everything else here is beautiful, but now that I look again, is that an odd jacket w/ pants? Thought it was a suit at first which was good...odd jkt/pants might be too close in color.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Interested in that pocket square. Have a full shot of it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Temujin If you are in a college/university town, when the kids go home for the summer, thrifting will hopefully pick up...hopefully... So true. I live in a college town. Hit up the SA yesterday. Big casual clothes score for me. Three pair of pants that fit me perfectly. Two just BR khakis, but one John Varvatos USA linen/cotton jean for $3. They are on the Varvatos website for $165 Wife says the "USA" patch on waist...
ACridsheep, I'm gonna have nightmares about that bighead photo. I should have went outside for better lighting...but still learning how to make fits and pictures. Tan cotton suit for NY heatwave today. Need more pocket sqrs. Blue one looked too matchy..white is missing (kids).So buy my NIB Salvatore Ferragamo golf shoes.
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