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Once you get out consider buying an SUV, Audi, or if you don't mind an ugly winter car get one of these:
I use Bumble & Bumble Sumowax. It works well when my hair is short and long. One jar was enough for 3 yrs. I usually only use it 3 times a week. One thing I prefer is to not wash my hair too often. Every other day if good enough.
''and she has the gall to stand right in front of me (literally inches) as I try them on'' I would consider making a wince and/or hand to the nose gesture as my head goes past her vagina. If I was in a particular mood I would continue by saying, "You should see a doctor about that." She replies in a snippy voice, "See a doctor about what?" a sincere voice, "Feminine odor." I'd hang around for a few minutes, even buy the shoes if I didn't want them, just to see the...
A few documentaries I like: Trader:Paul Tudor Jones-----was on PBS , then on VHS, which reportedly he tried to make them all vanish. It is available on youtube in 4 or 5 parts. Open Outcry. I had the VHS tape..missing. Floored-- As for movies; it's Wall Street and Rogue Trader. Everything else is ehh.
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim That's probably because your wife is mature. As women grow and mature, many TEND to use more of their brain and less of their heart, esp after marriage. The exact same question, if put to single women in their mid- (or even late-) 20s, would like produce very different answers. You can't really compare the answers of married women with thoae of single women. I've usually seen big differences. Or it's because...
Here's what's sitting in my humidor. Supply is a bit light right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu Found some old Pepin Padilla Miamis down here in Boca. Really good cigar, might even say better than the 1932. Still very special. Padilla Miami is one of my favorites. Another Pepin favorite is his My Father label. I've got a few left in the humidor and I think I have to have one tonight.
Quote: Originally Posted by Egert I'm hitting the local cigar lounge again in a next few days. Is there anything interesting and spicy, preferrably maduro/oscuro around €10 price range, which you would recommend in a heartbeat? When I want a spicy smoke I usually grab a Rockey Patel, Patel Brothers or a Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic (aka Don Pepin Black Label).
I am considering buying that Banana Republic stone suit for a daytime wedding this summer. Would brown (red soled) bucks be OK to wear with that suit? They are brown..not traditional tan bucks.
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