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Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. smoke an illusione epernay How was it?
I haven't gone through this whole thread, but at my cigar lounge last Thursday I had a glass of Elmer T. Lee. I enjoyed it very much with my La Flor Dominicana.
Quote: Originally Posted by kev777 Is that a picture of your actual watch? That photo is better than the photos on their website. I really like that model (despite the horrid hyphenation).
Last night went out with da homies had chateaubriand, a couple bottles of cab (they were meh) , creme brulee, port...then finished the night off with a few pints of guinness . Paying the price for it today. Considering some hair of the dog. It was all at Wine Bar & Bistro on Lark if anyone is ever in Albany,NY I recommend it.
Quote: Originally Posted by trader lol nah. i'm a very specialized prop trader so if people want to talk about short-term trading i can chime in (holding periods < 1 day). so my guess is just as good as anyone elses when it comes to the type of trading most people do but this market just keeps going up and up on air. don't really know what to think specialized prop. from Ontario, = nat gas?
Was in the pharmacy waiting on a script I walked over to see if I can find a replacement for my Bumble & Bumble Sumowax...end up going with Axe pomade-like product (black plastic can/blue graphics) for $5.99 Surprisingly not too bad. Bit of a cheap cologne smell to it which seems to fade after 10 minutes. certainly not as good as Sumowax, but not a bad inexpensive product if you have an emergency situation.
looking at LULU for blowoff top etc then loading up on sept 70 puts
Crust- I think it looks great. I may be going through a career change that requires me to go back to daily suit and tie. This forum has made me go from dreading it, to being a bit excited about it. Just a bit.
^ Very nice. I would imagine seasoning it wouldn't be a bad idea, but probably best to check with the maker.
a bit more that your first budget, but closer to $150GBP
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