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Thanks. The tie is Piatelli / Barney's. (big fan of your blog & style)
Thanks, Kevin. Agreed w/ PS scale is not good. And too much blue. I really need to add to my PS supply.
There was such a nice chill in the air this morning that I put on some cords and a check SC. (They were swapped for a grey suit before I walked out the door).
I know you don't have many ticks down there, but I've had two friends who were having similar symptoms and were finally diagnosed with lyme disease this summer. They never recall having a tick on them, but ticks are a major problem here (upstate NY).Congestion with runny nose could be allergies too. Not seasonal, but something like mold, dust mites, pets etc.Feel better.
After many many years off the bikes, this year I finally jumped back on. It has been a great summer of riding and the resulting physical and mental benefits are priceless. I trimmed a little more than 20lbs since May. One thing I didn't expect was to favor my road bike so much more than my mountain bike. Over the years I've lost most of my riding gear. Now I need to start buying some cold weather clothes. Need to buy: arm warmers, long sleeve jerseys, wind vest or jacket,...
Are you having general cold symptoms (sneezing,runny nose) or worse? You say "knock me for a few days"? Do you feel aches and pains similar to the flu symptoms?
Dropped to $125. This is the final drop. Going to Ebay next week.
Dropped down to $150 Look great at you next golf outing!
Dig mentioned something about not buying a jacket and hiding it. Horrible what my Mother has made me. So frugal that I had a BB made in Italy flannel shirt/jacket in my hand and I put it back (hid it) to get it half price a few days later. Of course, it was gone. Pathetic. I did score a nice plaid suit, Neiman Marc. label) in my the tailer now..will post fit pic. If anyone finds any vintage cycling clothing please PM me. I'm looking for older wool jerseys...
Not sure if these pics are just from today but, the other day Al_Merick had on a pair of milanos and they looked great.
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