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45 miles through the Adirondacks
After a non-payment and thoughts of, maybe I will actual play golf, I've come to the realization that I'm never going to use these Ferragamo golf shoes. Only one day left in auction, lots of people watching them.
That thing is sweeeet! I think I looked at the same craigslist ad. Considered it for a bit and then decided against it b/c I've been getting rid of bikes. BUt that RB is really nice.
Yeah, exactly. That's why I didn't really agree with patrick's post. I've never had a manicure but I would be open to it. My brows are pretty tame but if they went all Andy Rooney on me I'd certainly go for a threading or waxing.
I'd bet Spoo gets brows threaded (or tweezed) and/or manicures. I don't do those things, but I don't think they're "dainty" either. BTW, I think his tie/lapel ratio has been good and the FIH knots are thick enough for his collars (although in today's full length shot it looks small, the close-up shows the ratio is fine).
And then added a plain white PS. I can hear 'em now; "It's casual Friday. Ya got an interview or something?"
Is there a "Hit list" or "Death pool" thread? I think on the top of my list would be IST (think pretty close to my size). Urban Comp is a close second but I don't think the size is right.
Could quite possibly be the best Crusty_Fit(some may want the sleeve .5inch shorter). Bravo. Some people have asked for the goatee to come back; I wonder what a full, but closely trimmed beard would do for you this Fall.
Crust- Looks good (I even like the green tie). How much weight have you lost this summer? I'm down to 158lbs from 181 And feeling great.
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