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Quote: Originally Posted by Edgar Allan Pwn Another suit, back from the tailor. Two things: Do the sleeves look a bit uneven, and are the pants a bit short? I'm totally willing to believe the former could be caused by unenven arms, but still, anyone else see it? Tough to shoot navy. Bumped up the shadows so it would actually show up. Colour/brightness not representative. ] Looks good. The pants look good. The sleeves are fine, looks like...
I'm usually anywhere in the $12-$24 range for my weekly drinkers. A to Z Pinot Noir been getting massive consumption in my house. Acrobat Pinot, Paul Lehman Clancy too. On the whites...lotta Babich Sav Blanc.
I have a Burberry 100% silk tan SC. 42R Only worn a few times. If you're interested I can post some pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Slim fit polos. Top quality cotton pique, mother of pearl buttons, elegant spread collar. My shopping cart keeps growing.
Quote: Originally Posted by inlandisland I like this. Can you tell me more about the tie? Wool? How would you describe the knit - it's much less textured than most of the knit, square-end ties I see. Looks like a cashmere knit..possibly Marinella. NICE!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred49 The new one from English Cut?
Quote: Originally Posted by thefastlife also any other clothing staples for the clubs down there? i know it depends on personal style. im more of a dark denim/dark v neck kind of guy. i have a few nice pairs of jeans, clarks desert boots for the day time, going to order another pair of regular sneakers to walk around in, have some nice button up shirts as well as a blazer Personal preference sure, but honestly, if you're looking to pick up...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Tiecrafters. Amazing. Thanks. I'm a bit of a DIY guy (did brakes in my old jeep/ washing machine last year, $250 quote I did in 2hrs for $19 part) i found this Will give it a shot. Not making skinny ties, but will narrow some of my +4" ties to 3.5 or 3.25 The test run took me about 1hr. Very easy to do. Need better shears or will try a roller on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker (but slim to 3.5) Have you done this well? I have a few from the 90's that I like but could need some slimming. @Dig, I'm a huge fan of Brooks Bros. but the stripes on that one just look weird. Try it out with a solid gray suit on a white or light blue might look better on a fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Edgar Allan Pwn Perhaps you could publish an official photo template so we know what is acceptable. Like for passports! As it is people are just taking photographs all willy-nilly, which clearly isn't working for you. Nice tie.
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