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If you invite me to your house for drinks, I bring a bottle of wine, what do you do with it? For the second time my wife and I were invited to another couple's home for drinks I brought a bottle of wine and the wine never made it out. Instead I had to choke down some real nasty stuff. When people bring wine to my house I usually open it and put it out as one of the choices. On the bright side, we have a great time hanging out with this couple. I just don't know if I...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Best first 6 words for a first post evar. +1 To the OP...I have/had similar issues...switch to scotch neat or vodka clubs. Try to cut out some small things in your diet (mayo, cheese, big portions or bread, processed crap food). If you can't fit into a 6 or 7 drop even when they take the pants out, then you have to be honest with yourself and admit you've got a good size gut going on.
Drops on all.
Just before the thunderstorm rolled through upstate NY I was able to sit out back for a smoke. Alec Bradley New York w/ some Elmer T. Lee bourbon. Alec Bradley has always been hit and miss for me. This "New York" was decent. Consistent throughout. Decent medium flavors. I'd buy it again, but wouldn't be a top ten pick. Tomorrow is poker night at the lounge, looking forward to a Padron Anniv.
Drops+ blazer sleeve measurement added. I'm not sure what model the JOB blazer is. The only tags inside are "40R" "100% Wool" "Made in Poland". I paid about $240 or so for it, wore it one time. I'm also including a full set of brown buttons for the blazer in case you'd like to swap the brass buttons out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland I was just busting on the Joseph A Bank commercials - not knocking your sale items. LOL..gotcha. Sad thing is I happen to buy that SC when there was No sale going on. Seems like they have the "Buy one get one half off" sale every other week, but I needed a coat for an event that night. Wore it once, been in closet ever since. Now realize it's one size too big for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Navi Sorry but this isn't really working for me. That SC calls out for a more casual fit, maybe without a tie and the top button undone. Also that PS fold looks too precious for me. I like the SC fabric though. Note that I'm not a big fan of bowties so I might be biased. I'm not a huge fan of bowties either, but I disagree with you on the fit. It looks awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland If I buy the Jos A Bank blazer, do I get the other two absolutely free? That's usually how it works, right? I'm not sure what you mean.
Quote: Originally Posted by cbbuff OP: Just as an FYI: RLBL is Black Label PRL (Polo) is Blue label This suit is neither of those. Fixed. TY
Hickey Freeman 100% Silk SC Color=tan/sand Tagged 42R $150 >$140>$130>$110>$100>$95 $90 CONUS PtoP=21.25 Shoulders=18.5 BoC=30.5 Sleeve=23.5 Ralph Lauren Charcoal w/ stripe Tagged 40R $175>$165>$150>$125>$115>$100>$95$90 shipped Shoulder 18.5" PtoP 20.5'' BoC 30.75" Sleeve 23.5'' Waist 17'' across (some to let out) Inseam 30.25'' (1.25''cuff 1.5in. to let out) Nautica Tan check 40R $160>$150>$130>$120>$110>$100>$95$90$85 shipped PtoP 21.5" Shoulder...
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