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Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin Today's outfit... Awesome. Looks like a RW I tried on a few months ago. Is it the new Maestro series? I think the lady quoted me $1,100. I was very close to pulling the trigger. I'm just so damn frugal.
Drops on all.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 2 months vs 5 yrs....lil bit of a difference.. True. Good luck. Keep us informed. Just smoked a Rodrigo. Local guy label. Had an event at local B&M. Decent smoke.
I always thought that putting them in a well humidified humidor would eventually get them back in shape. My dad just gave me 2 Fuente Opus Xs that he left in a neglected humidor over the summer. I've had them in mine for 2 months now and they seem to be softening up. Might try one tonight.
added Hickey Freeman SC
Mega-drops for the weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hages They are 8.5 which I normally wear 9D...little tight but doable. I wore them to work today and they felt kinda weird. Check out the heels! Any suggestions on what to replace them with? OMG! You wore those all day? You must have had some serious swagger going on.
Considering this ESQ they also make it with round face and square face models.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker SF meat up: who is who? Clockwise from top:Spoo, Manton, NYR, MikeB. I didn't see your post, Spoo. That must have been some sight. "Hey, look at those four dudes taking pictures of their shoes!"
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnsNotHere Discontinued, so second hand is your only option. Seiya has the SARB031 on sale at the moment and that's a similar watch (same movement), and very nice IMO: Here on Seiya sans site: link Beautiful watch. Thanks for the link too. Have you ever ordered from them? I need to place order soon. Still undecided between new watch or Kent Wang clothes.
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