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Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm Are these squares listed on the website? I looked but could not find them.
Quote: Originally Posted by RogerC I actually quite like this combination. Perhaps a contrasting buttonhole flower for a wedding if you would like to bring in a different colour? Thanks. Good idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by easternexp j crew HAs anyone noticed that JCrew sleeves are now super long?
Quote: Originally Posted by Peter1 I absolutely second this re Polo. However, if you hate the little man on a horse as I do, you'll want to keep your jacket on... Yeah, the one custom fit Polo I have is the white BD w/ horse. I only wear it with casual stuff and if I have a SC on I leave it on.. The Hilfiger Ithaca slim fits have no visible brand markings at all. I have two. Nice spread collars on a plain blue, and one with a small blue...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel I like the one with the vomiting dragon. Nearly spit me drink out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wolfador Got a BB Brookease pinstripe suit (size 38) and a BB Sportcoat (size 41L) Nothing for me though I'd offer a trade on the pinstripe suit, but if your sizes in your profile are correct, I don't think I have anything to trade.
Quote: Originally Posted by ctp120 Swapped brown cotton for tan linen, this time as a suit. Tie is not as shiny IRL. Looks satin in the pic, but is actually a rather dry twill. ...please, also are you about 5'9", 165 pounds? If so what's your address, I have a contract to take out! -Chico
Some great summer stuff here. Good thread. Here's my consideration for a summer afternoon wedding. The white PS seemed washed out, the navy one too matchy, is the blue check too much blue? Also, I have a nice summer weight Hickey Freeman silk SC for sale on my sig.
If you have a Marshall's or TJMaxx near you they usually have some Ralph Lauren Polo "custom fit" shirts for $34.99. I love them. Slim, but not restrictive. I also bought two Hilfiger Slim Fit dress shirts for $21.99 a piece. They fit me very well. Not top quality, but I like them for everyday "if these get trashed no big deal" action.
Drop on the Hickey Freeman 100%silk SC. Perfect for summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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