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Quote: Originally Posted by Ebonyman I bought it a thrift shop in Hempstead L.I. I originally went in to see if I could find some cheap baseball gloves/bat to donate to my church's youth team. The Salvation Army on Front St.?
Have a recent thrift encounter story too. A month ago in the local SA , found a nice Brooks Bros. corduroy SC fit me like a glove. Waiting on line to pay ($8.99)..i hear a woman's voice over my shoulder, "You look exactly like a boyfriend I had 10yrs ago. He was the best looking guy I ever dated". Flattered and somewhat embarrassed, I turn, saying "Thanks" and the stench of cheap vodka coming off of her hits me like a shovel to the face. She's showing me her busted smile...
Quote: Originally Posted by gwolf yes or no? 975 euros I like it. But whats with you guys putting up 900euro watches in a poor man's thread? And the Raymond Weil maestro is $1,200usd . Lets get back to the sub $500 area .
Quote: Originally Posted by DJackson This is my current infatuation. It's a German watch, Stowa... sorry for the cruddy back. I need to add this to the list of spring cleaning. The bracelet is not my style, but the rest of the watch is great.
[quote=Mr. Moo;4424287] Quote: Originally Posted by Chico2007 STFU already. A little uncalled for. I stated my opinion one time. Other people stated theirs. I responded. Why so hostile?
[quote=SpooPoker;4423799]I disagree - Lufty's wife looks like she has a rockin figure, and does not look preggo. (All respect, Luft) Mrs. Spoo might also disagree with you. I agree, Lufty's wife does look like she has a nice figure, so does Mrs.Spoo, I just think the empire waist can sometimes mask that and even make a nice body look bad. Here's another woman's point of view: And a google of "empire waist...
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier I don't mind empire waist at all; I don't understand your displeasure They're not very flattering to the female figure. To me they make all women (even those with very nice figures) look pregnant.
Went to a dry wedding today. They should be illegal.+1 Seriously...who does dry? Great looks..although empire waist...somebody should ban those too(unless prego).
Drops across the board.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Nope - I saw them on their tumblr and ordered directly. You should do the same. Thanks. I didn't see them the other day when I looked at their tumbler. I just went back 4 or 5 pages. They've got some great stuff/pics/style. Edit: now on page 14 or so..real nice ..I'm not very productive today.
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