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Public school teachers, what traits do you think make up a GREAT Principle(or other administrator)?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hughvr Thanks! I guess so far #2 is winning! Could you offer me other choices besides white pocket sq? Im thinking something more daring (somewhere in the middle between "he's not being creative" and "that's something only a fashion expert would appreciate") I think white PS is a great choice, but if you want to be more daring you could get something in a print (paisley for example) but just try to make sure it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tibor
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier I like all of this Rob except the shirt/tie combo. Maybe a white TV fold would have done it, or perhaps a more soporific tie to complement the explosive PS. Actually, I think the tie/PS do a perfect job of keeping the blue SC/grey pants from getting too close to the "security guard look". And ofc ourse the SC fits better than any guard's jacket would. Quote: Originally Posted by Parker I...
Wow...Monica Bellucci followed up with a hot Eva Mendes. Sechssssyyy.
Quote: Originally Posted by HarleyBob In order to be fair to everyone, somebody needs to start a "Men in Girls Garb" thread. Please don't.
Quote: Originally Posted by SartorialConductor Could pick this polo university club jacket from GW. Is the fit worth it for a Fashion noob such as myself? Sorry for phone pick but I was on lunch and moving fast. It looks OK, considering the pic/angle. I believe the university club line is the bottom of the barrel of RL, so unless you really like it and it's $4 or $5 , might be better to hold off until you find better quality.
YEah, option 2. PLain white pocket sq would be fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewConvert Thinking of buying the Carmina suede wholecuts. Anybody here bought them yet? Any pics so I can see the real color of the suede? Ethandesu has a few new pics of Carmina's on his blog (don't see suede wholecuts though). I'm sure if you e-mail The Armoury they would send you pics.
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