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Congratulations. Get all the sleep you can before baby shows up. You're gonna need it.
Ugh! Mayeb saved me a trip too....but they still have tons of ties and squares, yes? (so i don't drop cash)
makes a lot of sense that it would add so much more control....I'm shopping for a new ride this Winter, thru-axles def. on my want list.Is that your Ibis? My buddy has a mojo HD and he loves it. carbon scares the hell outta me even after watching and reading all the tests.
You should pick a different tie unless the interview is for a position at an equine stable. Maybe ditch the PS too. Just trying to help. Good luck.
I agree, ''contrived and fussy"?I like the fit very much. Although I would skip the roped shoulder and hacking pockets myself.
Someone asked where this is and this seems to be the only way to answer (other than PM).It's at The Metropolitan Opera in New York. Last Saturday's matinee of, La Clemenza di Tito.
Lifestyle pic
It's probably best to talk to one of your professors to get ideas about different schools. The best advice I can give is apply to as many programs as you can. I made the mistake of applying to 5 programs despite my professor telling me to apply to at least 8-10. I was sure in my own mind that I'd be accepted to my top pick (Boston U.). I was not. In fact, I was only offered one placement and it was in my bottom pick (West Virginia). I went out for the interviews and the...
I know this post was almost 3mos old but;What road were you planning to take up to Hunter? 28? That's probably the easiest.Platte Clove is the nastiest! And 23a is no joke either.
I agree with the "poorly constructed" part. I always hated going up those elevators (then escalator) and the design always felt like I was living in the 80's. The stairwell lighting as I remember it (1998) going from 62 to 64 a few times was a dim yellowish lighting.I do have a slight sentimental attachment because of the time I worked there and many after work martinis I shared with my Dad at Windows on the World.Totally off b/c I have no fit pic to share. It's been jeans...
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