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Not grey,(non-hard science coming->) but I can see how somebody might perceive it (or refer to it) as grey.
Thanks. This is a 26er but after consulting with my friend who has raced Cat 1 & 2 MTB in the North East this is the way to go. Everyone has their own opinion about which is better (26/29/650b) but I trust his knowledge. I'll be doing a few cat 3 races this year. Main goal is to have fun, but I also don't want to be DFL (dead f'ing last). I just need to get some good training in and drop this extra weight I put on over the Winter.
New craigslist purchase. Can't wait to get it out on the trail.
I'm not a fan of that tie either but everything else is off the chain (are the kids still saying that?)I missed the multi-quote button, but the fit a few up...dark suit w/ grey cardigan and brown suede shoes...awesome!
It's hard to tell if anything fits b/c of the pictures but the shoes look OK, the pants maybe OK too. The jacket not so good for two reason IMO. 1)Looks like a suit jacket so not very good with those pants. 2)the stripes on shirt don't look good with stripes on jacket . Too similar or something , somebody with better knowledge can explain why.
I like the individual pieces (tie not so much) but they all seem to be fighting each other here. Maybe a solid tie would make it better. Tough to tell from the small pics.
I also like the hat. The whole fit looks pretty good. Cords are great (milano fit?). I would like to see a different color shoe or a softer looking shoe maybe. It could be the photo, but the shoes look black and something in brown might be better.
Please message me if it turns in to some sort of beverage consumption/shoe circle SF meet-up. I'm often found in the Wine Bar or Mc Guire's (just up the block from that building).
I think you can start here
Happy New Year.
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