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I live in a small city in Michigan that has a very good local symphony orchestra. They do five concerts a season. I try to get to a couple every year and I wear black tie. Except for the Christmas concert I don't usually see anyone else in anything resembling formal attire, sometimes there aren't many suits or ties. But I wear black tie because that's what I think should be worn and I feel like it's a more special night out. Last December I wore my dinner jacket to a local...
I own a black homburg that I wear with my dinner jacket. I like the way I look in hats. To many people wearing a tux is costumy so I wouldn't worry about adding a hat.
I think the brown shoes work well with the outfit.
[[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] The Debrett guide supports the idea that white tie is only for evening events. It says even before WWII it was standard evening dress and that it can be worn for formal evening weddings. In the morning dress section he states that morning coats are traditionally worn for daytime weddings. I don't know what time weddings are traditionally held in Britain but the weddings I've attended here in the U.S. are usually in late afternoon, so wearing evening...
I like the look of that hat the way it is.
[[SPOILER]]Nice tie. I like yellow ties. I own some. I generally wear them against a blue shirt to make them stand out a little more.
[[SPOILER]]I don't care for patchwork madras but I think jackets made from one madras pattern look great in the summer.
[[SPOILER]]I agree that the tweed jacket and cotton pants don't work too well together, but I like the tie. I don't think it's too bright or garish, it has just enough pop to make the outfit interesting.
I like the tie. It's great for spring and Easter.
If the rise of the pants is sufficient and you always have your coat buttoned it can work. I like the look of a cummerbund. It gives a bit more formality to the outfit.
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