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[[SPOILER]]I don't care for patchwork madras but I think jackets made from one madras pattern look great in the summer.
[[SPOILER]]I agree that the tweed jacket and cotton pants don't work too well together, but I like the tie. I don't think it's too bright or garish, it has just enough pop to make the outfit interesting.
I like the tie. It's great for spring and Easter.
If the rise of the pants is sufficient and you always have your coat buttoned it can work. I like the look of a cummerbund. It gives a bit more formality to the outfit.
When was that? I never saw anything like that in the army in the 90s.
But Dean wore black tie almost daily, so he mixed a little variety in, especially on his variety show. I'm sure at important events he was more classic in his look. When I have a variety show I'm going to break some rules too.
The moral is, don't travel in circles.
I agree that the best scenario is to buy a matching coat and pants. Saying that, you can get by with separate pieces if you take some care. I have bought all my black tie supplies on Ebay. I have two different coats and a couple pairs of pants, and I've had pieces that have since been discarded. I only have black, never tried with midnight blue. If you go for standard material, not the superfine materials, and the material is close to the same weight, you can get a very...
archetypal_yuppie Why are you such an angry person? You are doing the same thing that you are complaining about, you are sounding self righteous. I will say I am one who wears shawl lapel and peak lapel tuxedos, I have one of each. I will not wear notch lapel, flap pocket, with no waist covering because that is what my suits look like and my semi-formal wear should look a step above what I normally wear. I do not criticize people I see wearing what I won't, that is...
I have no problem with things that are classic. I dislike the idea of "new" being a virtue in and of itself. So many people like new styles, and new music, and new everything simply because it is new. In the 60's and 70's tradition somehow became something bad. I wear a traditional tuxedo because it is timeless. My suits are influenced by the styles of 80 years ago. Music and movies I like the most are 80 years old. I drink classic cocktails. Black tie fully developed in...
New Posts  All Forums: