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I'd say about half a size large.
Up for sale are these Rachel Comey Webb's in a size 9. I love these shoes and plan to re-order them in a larger size as these are too small for me. They have only been worn twice. Please PM me if interested. Price includes shipping within the US.
The slim fit OCBD is in fact slimmer and doesn't have the box pleat in the back. I happen to have both the regular and slim fit versions. I bought the regular version before the webstore launched and had the same issue as you, perfect fit expect for the blousiness around the midsection. I later picked up the slim fit version on the webstore and the fit is spot on. Slightly tighter around the shoulders and chest but not a big deal and no blousiness.
I bought this last F/W and only wore it twice. I really like this jacket (especially for spring or early fall if you live in a cold climate) but unfortunately it's too small for me. The color is clay. Please PM me if interested. Measurements: S2S: 17" P2P: 21" Front length (from base of collar at shoulder): 25" Sleeve length: 26"
I just got these from Suddenlee and they're great for the price but unfortunately too small for me. They are brand new with tags and are not available on the web store. The price is $40 shipped in the US. I'm using a stock image because I don't have a camera. Mesurements: Waist (laid flat and aligned): 16" Rise: 9.5" Thigh: 11" Leg opening: 7"
I bought these from user "gettoasty" but unfortunately they are too big on me. It's a real shame because they are a great deal for $130. I'm just trying to get back what I paid for them. These are a really cool shade of brown/olive/gray shoes and are essentially new since they have been too big on the previous 2 owners as well as on me (the last owner and I did not wear them). I wear a size 42 on CP's but they are always a little bit big on me. I'd probably be a 41.5 if...
These are from F/W '11. They have only been worn a handful of times and were washed once. Condition is 9.5/10. Excuse the poor quality of the pictures. My camera sucks and I suck even worse as a photographer. PM me if interested. Below are the measurements: Waist (aligned): 17.5" Thigh: 11.5" Knee: 8" Leg Opening: 7" Inseam: 34"
These have been worn for a few months as part of a rotation. They're still in very good condition. I'd say 7.5/10 at least. The box with the dustbag and extra set of laces are included. PM me if interested.
No worries man. I wasn't offended or anything. Thanks.
Thanks man. I just realized that Aloha Rag had measurements and it seems like a 50 is right. I knew I ran the risk of getting this kind of response when I made my post but I couldn't find a definitive answer through a search and I didn't know where else to ask without being ignored. I understand where you're coming from though after reading through a couple of pages of the APC thread.
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