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Hi, I'm sorry for going off topic in a way but may I ask where you bought this coat? I've been trying to figure out where I can purchase Fay apparel in the U.S. because their website doesn't offer online shopping and other online retailers like don't seem to carry the items I want in my size. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHunter Took this picture from A Continuous Lean. It's from the Pop Up Flea last weekend. Who makes the canvas bag and dop kit? It looks beautiful. I don't know but I love the globe (with leather cut-out continents?) in that photo!
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum what is with the viral astroturf marketing. there are a bunch of one posters in the aaac thread too. Wait, are you referring to my post? Yes, it was my first post but I'm not one of those viral marketers. Actually I didn't even know companies did that until a few days ago when I was alerted to the fact that my gullible nature has been manipulated by their clever marketing schemes, which is why I got so...
My "leather" just arrived in the mail today and I thought I'd contribute a few thoughts since I came upon this forum while googling for reviews on Saddleback's products. I got the medium 14" briefcase in chestnut. Let me begin by saying I'm female. I know these products are supposed to cater more to the male audience since they're advertised as rugged and indestructable and for the man who's looking to unleash his inner Indiana Jones but I thought the design looked...
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