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How did it fit? Would you buy it again?
Does anyone know where to get a t-shirt like Ryan Gosling is wearing in these photos from $0-$50? It looks like a scoop neck tee, but most of the ones I have seen are too deep. Does anyone know where to get one like this... Thanks for the help
Does anybody have a Tumblr? Post your Tumblr links here... Then Follow...
Post your pictures of who you think is the hottest girls in the world. I'll start:
Post pictures of your favorite best dressed/ stylish women.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow We already had this thread in SW&D, and it ended with everyone fapping to Emma Watson. Let's start it up again.
Post pictures of the best dressed/ stylish women in the world.
What would be a cool outfit to wear with a denim vest. (like what to wear under it). What about wearing a rugby under a denim vest?????? Please help Thanks
I've been looking at this green and white horizontal stripped rugby shirt, but idk what I would where with it??? Any suggestions...(e.g. chinos, scarf???) Thanks
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