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I was looking at that Our Legacy cardigan as well actually :P cheessus: I'm a 38, which is the measurement I requested, but it happened to come out as 41" for whatever reason. 43" might be a bit tight, but the sweater will likely stretch out a bit. I can't say how much it will stretch though, this is the first sweater I've ever owned like this.
I asked for a 38", which they said was "neat", so true to size. The other measurements are pretty close, but once the chest is too big it throws off the positioning of the sleeves too. I really wish this fit me, it's a beautiful sweater.
I just received my Inverallan cardigan which I ordered back in October. Unfortunately, the measurements are slightly larger than my specifications and it's just too big on me. They offered to take it back, but I figured I would offer it on here first to save the trouble of shipping it back to Scotland. The measurements are below. So if you're in the market for one of these and don't want to wait the 11 weeks that I did (making the sweater + shipping) then here's your...
That's a beautiful S2A sweater... but I really shouldn't be spending money on a sweater at the moment. Here are some pics in gray for those who are interested:
20% of retail... as in 80% off? or did you mean 20% off retail? Also, how were you planning on dealing with shipping fees?
nope, they were barker blacks
Checked it out earlier today. The guy said they only had the black brogues in 7UK/8US or smaller... not sure what happened to all of the larger sizes the OP mentioned. The brogue also comes in a two-tone brown which I think they had larger sizes in. Also had some oxblood oxfords in an 8.5US, which actually fit, but aren't what I'm looking for.
Are you going to be getting any more anytime soon?
+1 for Persol. I think something on the square/rectangle side would be appropriate for your shape.
Thanks for the Tobi tip wrongandright!
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