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How much for the Waistcoat?
The Great Sweat fits TTS and Medium... so I'm guessing it runs big for a size small then? I've been looking for one of these, but the measurements seem to be all over the place for different websites.
What's the cut of the boss suit?
Jonathan + Olivia just got their shipments in as well. No pics up yet though...
Damn, been looking for one of these forever in S.
Sent you a pm... Do you have any actual pictures of the shirt? Wanted to get an idea of the condition.
Reviving this thread... The chain stitch machine at Sydney's will be down for two months and I'm dying to get my Flat Heads hemmed. Anybody found any other places to get chain stitch hemming done?
The sweater has been sold. I ordered this directly from Inverallan. Just send them an email and they'll walk you through it. The catalog on their website isn't complete though, so send them a pic if you see something you like. Feel free to contact me if you guys want to know more about the ordering process. I know I could have used the help when I was placing my order.
I was looking at that Our Legacy cardigan as well actually :P cheessus: I'm a 38, which is the measurement I requested, but it happened to come out as 41" for whatever reason. 43" might be a bit tight, but the sweater will likely stretch out a bit. I can't say how much it will stretch though, this is the first sweater I've ever owned like this.
I asked for a 38", which they said was "neat", so true to size. The other measurements are pretty close, but once the chest is too big it throws off the positioning of the sleeves too. I really wish this fit me, it's a beautiful sweater.
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