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A friend is about 5'7" 160 and the small seemed to fit well.
What season is that Maine Guide jacket from?
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL we are at a 3 to 1 ratio in ordering sizes 7D versus 10D due to our customer base. You have 3 times more customers wearing 7D than 10D?
Sorry, forgot location. King and Bathurst I believe.
It's actually a dry cleaner as well. No real specialty. Good work though and probably the most popular answer you're gonna get to your question. Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 whats the location? also what is their specialty?
Tried this one on as well. Fit true to size for me in size small. Quote: Originally Posted by mpcec This is definitely on my list of purchases, did it fit TTS? Also, anyone seen the knitwear being sold anywhere? Looking for the Lodge Cardigan or Lodge Vest.... Alsox2 just for an FYI, the Nepenthes NY store does stock WWM.
Tried on the Bike Jacket and Storm Parka at Barneys NY yesterday. The Bike Jacket seemed to fit well in S, but the Storm Parka seemed to be on the larger size (a la usual EG sizing) The Storm Parka in Indigo Overdye is amazing. I'm not sure how well it would hold up in rain though, anybody have any details on the material used? Can't wait to see what other materials/colors they release it in in coming seasons.
Price Drop....
Assuming the quality is up there, I would get a pair of those oxfords. Any word on where they'll be sold?
I'm actually located in Toronto, Canada. Picked these up during a trip earlier this year. edit - adding a price drop as well.
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