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Price Drop....
Assuming the quality is up there, I would get a pair of those oxfords. Any word on where they'll be sold?
I'm actually located in Toronto, Canada. Picked these up during a trip earlier this year. edit - adding a price drop as well.
Up for sale is a pair of Flat Head SE05BSPs. I purchased them at Self Edge NY earlier this year. They have about 3 months of wear but are getting too tight for me. They have been cold soaked once and chain stitched to a 33" inseam. Measurements and pics below. Let me know if you have any questions. Asking $205 shipped. Measurements (BiG Style) Waist - 15.4" Inseam - 33" Thigh - 11" Hem - 7.25"
I've got a Small lying around at home if you're interested. I know you're looking for something larger, but it's a classic fit and is way too big for me. I'm a medium from the past season's hoodies.
How much for the Waistcoat?
The Great Sweat fits TTS and Medium... so I'm guessing it runs big for a size small then? I've been looking for one of these, but the measurements seem to be all over the place for different websites.
What's the cut of the boss suit?
Jonathan + Olivia just got their shipments in as well. No pics up yet though...
Damn, been looking for one of these forever in S.
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