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Any interest in doing a black calf/scotch grain Bourton in the same styling as the End Clothing longwing? Maybe without the metal eyelets and a red lining instead.
Selling a brand new Gitman Vintage Navy Overdye shirt in Medium. Shirt has never been worn and still has the tag on. $110 shipped in Con US and Canada. Measurements: Pit to Pit 21" Length 31" Shoulder to Shoulder 18"
Up for sale is a pair of Flat Head SE05BSPs. They had about 3 months of wear. They were cold soaked once and chain stitched to a 33" inseam. Looking for $190 shipped to Canada and Con US Let me know if you have any questions. Measurements (BiG Style) Waist - 15.4" Inseam - 33" Thigh - 11" Hem - 7.25"
Got these during the sale earlier this year. Unfortunately, just don't seem to fit in with my wardrobe. Only worn inside the house to break them in, soles are still untouched. These are in oiled brown leather with a topy on the leather sole. They have two minor defects (as per most of Dayton's run of these boots) First off, they are stamped a size 8 on the outside of the boot, but the box and insole are marked 7.5 (see below for fit advice) Secondly, there is excess paint...
Klaxon does do Chain Stitching. I think it's $16 and takes usually 2 weeks (they send it out to their manufacturer to do it) Not the greatest job though, hems don't usually come out perfectly straight. Not much other choice for chaing stitching though unless Sydney's is doing it again.
Anyone have info on this coat? Quote:
Measurements for the TB pants please
Quote: Originally Posted by mediahound I believe it's 3/16" but don't quote me on that. Thanks, the quote from imatlas seems to verify that as well! I'm assuming this is width only. How about the difference in length between sizes?
Hmm actually my experience was a little different. I thought the DB Longwing fit more true to size, rather than 1/2 size larger like the Berrie. It's been a while since I've tried those on though! Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Pretty similar sizing. The DB being slightly narrower than the same size Barrie.
Does anyone know how much more length and width (in inches) are added for every half size up in the Barrie last? Assuming a constant width of D.
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