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I'm a relatively short guy 5'5," some tie knots always touch the middle of my belt. The only tie knot that allows me to have the proper length is a full Windsor. So my question is, what is more important the appropriate tie know that matches my collar and face structure or the length of the tie?
I've been wanting a pair of dress boots, specifically the Dalton's from Allen Edmonds. My girlfriend is telling me that you only wear them during fall and winter. I live in Miami and the only season I have is hot and hotter. Is it appropriate if I wear them during the Spring and Summer time?
Judging by your frame, are you Asian (it's cool so am I)? Your pant legs need to be hemmed, the waist should be taken in a little. Also you need to taper the legs. The biggest problem are the suit sleeves. They're way too short. I'd keep the pants but have the jacket remade =/.
I hope it comes out awesome. Remember that you should also take it to the tailor to fine tune the outfit.
I'm surprised that no one mentioned for the waist to be taken in. It'll definitely flatter you more.
I personally don't see any major things that have to be done with this outfit. I'm weary about the waist because from the side you look like a flamingo. The pants don't look short at all. However, it'd be more beneficial that you wear shoes with the outfit. In addition, hang the suit while your taking a hot shower to eliminate some of those wrinkles.
Thanks, now the next question is where can I get it lol.
Anyone seen or know what style of jacket this is? There are not many images out there of this jacket but maybe someone might have a clue on what it is. I'm assuming that it's a modern version of a M-65 jacket.
I had no idea that you can ask them to lower the button stance. That's a great advice. Thanks!
Very good, yeah a bit off the shoulders and you're good to go =D
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