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Just got these from Paula Run - had them made to my size. Am very pleased with sizing and quality of the Peccary.
Suit and shirt and shoes are okay - tough to gauge fit from posed photo but advice to show a little shirt cuff is good. Find a dark tie (but not black or grey) in a solid satin and you're good. Grenadine tie could also work well if you can find one.
I don"t normally get 7 fold but could go for it here if it made the deal come together. If you get more people in, I would reduce the folds. I do have some specific sizing requirements though but you said they could adjust each tie accordingly.
I like three you mention, would be happy with any one of them. Prefer 3 fold but flexible.
I'm sure you're right about the fear of cannabilizing their normal distribution model.. I would say though that it seems to be to be quite short-sighted. The internet has changed many things and that includes both retail models and, maybe more importantly, information about things. In the past, the reps you mention were both the source of th fabric and the source for information about the fabric. Now that information is available to anyone with internet access. This...
of course - we can negotiate
Presumably everthing is negotiable. Either we use a thrid party to do the distribution or we pay Reid the extra amount for handling. My guess is that the profit margins for LL are so big that the incremenal handling costs are easy to swallow. I was in on Slewfoot fresco and I think the costs were about the same as regular fresco AND Minnis will sell cut lengths to individuals so they are set up to handle this type of retail transaction. Maybe Reid does not want to set...
I"m 190 lbs though so need a large for my chest. I find the large Gustin works well in shoulders and chest but has sleeves which a tad long (no worse than other OTR shirts for me though) but the length is on the short side. I looked at the fit guide and a large is 1.5 inches longer in the back than the small. If my shirt was 1.5 inches shorter it would barely reach my waist. I'm also an older guy and prefer to tuck my shirts in and that means I won't use Gustin for...
As noted - you need to look at the measurements to be sure but i"m 5'11" and the large is shorter than any other button up shirt I own. I can"t keep it tucked in my jeans at all.
If we go small scale, I'd increase my buy to 3.5m (from 2.5)
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