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I won't get the details right but my recollection is that some wholesalers and mills require either a credit history or some other financial assurance so I think yes there is a cost and my tailor is very small (just him and his dad)
[[SPOILER]] I was merely referring to all those instances where people know what cloth they want (whether it's a Lesser 13oz ref#xxx or a Minnis fresco #03zz) and seem to go through great length to procure the cloth away from their tailor. [[SPOILER]] My tailor only carries select mills which do not include Harrisons, Minnis, Smiths or Lessers so I have to source these myself. He tells me that he does not see enough of a market for the British style of cloth, especially...
Just want to acknowledge this joke.
Charcoal scarf would be a nice complement
I think it is called "nailhead". If the little dots were round it would be called "birdseye".
I'm 5"11" and 195, large just fits in chest (I am 42"ish). Sleeves are a tad long and overall length is just a bit shorter than I like for tucking but I have a long torso.
Also a white linen pocket square looks like it might actually be used to blow a nose or dry a tear. Form following function?
I'm a little bit older than most of you and have moved three times in 20 years but one of those times was this past summer, about 6 months into my last ToJ order.
Added voice for heavy flannels
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