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I e-mailed Schott and got spot on fit advice.
I don"t machine dry and have not had problems with shrinkage
Am actually considering making the mid-blue as a DB but the mohair will be 1 button SB with peaks and no idea what I'll do with the check (I only have a jacket length)
Don't think so. It is the same as Lessers Formal (3 ply mohair)
Some new unfunded liabilities: Harrisons Archive Flannel x2 + Harrisons Evolution
For my 60 ties I have about 20 pairs of shoes (not including casual shoes/boots)
I keep about 60 in active rotation and routinely "retire" those ties which I feel look dated or am just bored with. While I am not a collector per se, I have kept every tie I have ever bought (except those that were dirty or damaged) since starting to wear them 30 years ago and that number amounts to about 300.
I won't get the details right but my recollection is that some wholesalers and mills require either a credit history or some other financial assurance so I think yes there is a cost and my tailor is very small (just him and his dad)
[[SPOILER]] I was merely referring to all those instances where people know what cloth they want (whether it's a Lesser 13oz ref#xxx or a Minnis fresco #03zz) and seem to go through great length to procure the cloth away from their tailor. [[SPOILER]] My tailor only carries select mills which do not include Harrisons, Minnis, Smiths or Lessers so I have to source these myself. He tells me that he does not see enough of a market for the British style of cloth, especially...
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