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Brown first then grey/blue after. No black but charcoal might interesting third option.
I had a couple more fresco suits made this spring and am really liking them (also having a hot summer). Would be very interested in the green fresco as I already have Slewfoot brown and also really like it. Also totally in on barley corn of any colour. I should add my hot summer is likely like NYC or Boston in May/June.
I would add that the fabric is fairly light and great for warmer weather (which makes sense given provenance).
Have had a Moonbeam jacket for about 4 years which has had reasonable number of wears. It gets a little fuzzy in high friction areas but not noticable from a distance. Doubt it will wear any faster than flannel. Would not say it wears warmer than it's weight and would say drape is fine but would also say it does not drape quite as well as heavier flannel. I use it as my "office jacket" in fall/winter/spring but find it a bit warm for hotter summer days.Planning on...
Nice penny loafers (e.g. Rancourt) for chinos/jeans or plain toe blucher (e.g. Alden) for more dressy occasions. Also get some boots.
Would you be able to duplicate the quilted lining?
I have something very similar from Harrisons
[[SPOILER]] Those are Vass shoes. You can contact them directly. You might also find them on B&S.
I think you answered yourself in the first sentence (to be avoided) and then went on to explain why. Fitting the shoulders is usually the most important step in getting a good fitting suit. The suggestion of adding padding is laughable. Spend some time searching this forum for discussons on ho a suit should fit before you buy another one.
The interview represents Carl's opinion. Many of us have interacted with Carl and find him a knowledgable and useful resource for the forum. Knowledgeable and useful persons are a welcome and enlightenling presence on SF. Not every opinion is based on fraudulent, dumpster-crawling behaviour nor related to any other thread on the forum that has been flogged to death. If you don't have something interesting or useful to add perhaps you best move along.
New Posts  All Forums: