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I'm a little bit older than most of you and have moved three times in 20 years but one of those times was this past summer, about 6 months into my last ToJ order.
Added voice for heavy flannels
While the "stretch" is different (I have 6 pairs) the actual measurements seem pretty close.
So you stand on the corner in your New English clothes and you look so polished from your hair down to your toes buy the suit
As a fan of donegal in more conservative colours (I have tan donegal 3 peice and a blue one waiting to made up), I can appreciate the traditional fabric with some more fashion forward colours. I suspect that the purple, red and orange shades would push a wearer into dandy territory (not that there's anything wrong with that).
I did - starting wearing braces when i lost about the same amount of weight and suits started to fall. All my 3 piece suits now have on suspender buttons and no belt loops. I have my 2 piece suits with belt loops to keep the option.
Er... Three piece suits?
[[SPOILER]] Anyone have experiences on how they've kept up their suede ToJs?Yes - I applied Nano to my ToJ suede (as I have to all my suede shoes) and it had exactly the same effect - temporarily darker when wet then dried to the same original colour.
Brown first then grey/blue after. No black but charcoal might interesting third option.
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