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I would be in for 3.5m
Almost makes me think I could also wear a hat. Just wow on the pictures - can't express my appreciation effectively for the work you have put into this. Best Pitti coverage I have seen
I prefer SAs to dress like the clothes they are selling - it gives me a clue as to whether any of their opinions can be trusted
Same price as other LL. I've got the grey coming next week
I won't offer an opinion on the stuff you are showing as the younger guys here can give a better critique of, and suggestions for, SW&D including footwear. I will suggest though that a tie as part of any very casual outfit makes you look like you are trying too hard or you just got off work at the Verizon booth. I will second the suggestion to post a few of the pics you think stand out on the "what are you wearing thread" as that draws a lot of views and comments. The...
Get blue - there is something off about black boat shoes. I have a pair of blue Quoddys and they are a nice shade. I actually prefer Rancourt as you can get them unlined and they are less bulky as a result.
I think there have always been SF followers who fall into (1) those who appreciate the tradition of CM and accept that the highest form of men's dress is defined by CM dogma (2) those who lean towards a more fashion-forward approach to dressing (i.e accept that shirts can be other than blue).My sense is that some of the now departed posters were really focused on the interaction of CM and fit and general tailoring. That topic dominated many of the threads while the matter...
I have learned a lot from this forum over the past 5 years and have largely transformed my wardrobe as a result and am very grateful for the information provided by a wide range of members. I consider myself a CM nerd (and proud of it) and this forum has provided a way of expressing my nerdness. While not anywhere near the good taste of many members here I have developed a "classic" wardrobe that would not look out of place in any conservative business environment. I...
I would guess it excludes winter in most cases but agree that in a few cases it could exclude summer
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