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Some interesting and humorous advice in this thread. I won't comment on specific recommendations. Paraphrasing what may be more helpful here let me suggest that you can't starting wearing different clothes (or acting differently) and expect people to see you (and therefore treat you) differently. While clothes may help form an impression with strangers, those familiar with you may treat you with less respect if you appear contrived or playing "dress up". OP if you are...
I read a lot of New Yorker essays and how this one got past the editors is beyond me. While I can agree with many of the comments above the bottom line is that the essay lacked a central theme and cohesion and the writing was meh. It started as a process for trying to replicate a world class product (though seriously - the jet plane analogy??) using lower cost techniques. Had he stuck to that and explored the process of creating the replica and its inherent shortcomings...
Would make no sense - if a single monk is good a double monk is by definition better (like turning up to 11)More seriously a quick google search will show you pictures of Vass single monks
Also have not received and am in Canada
Would love to except I live in Western Canada and not sure I can justify the trip:)
Hober - you will also benefit from the relatively conservative patterns relative to many other retailers. More than $25 but less than $100.
Overcoat and peacoat the most likely candidates. Obvious colours would be camel, navy and charcoal grey but other colours might be useful (if available) such as cognac, light grey and maybe even off-white. Also patterns like herringbone.
While nearly my entire CM wardrobe is made up of custom clothing, I have a few LBM unlined jackets I wear casually and 3 or 4 pairs of RTW pants I will wear with sport coats. These tend to be slimmer fitting than my CM and I sometimes like the contrast.
I seem to recall someone from BC - can't find him using the search but wonder if it was this person:
I believe they will but require bank transfer (hope that has changed)
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