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I seem to recall someone from BC - can't find him using the search but wonder if it was this person: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/PopovLeather?section_id=15158366&ref=shopsection_leftnav_4
I believe they will but require bank transfer (hope that has changed)
"navy glenplaid linen (or air force blue) with a tan overcheck"
Picture is not especially helpful for fit assessment. Do the button up and don't slouch. Unless you are over 6'3 or 250 lbs you can probably find something off the rack that fits better than first few attempts at online MTM. Once you have a shirt that fits great (OTR or after tailoring) you can send that in and hope to get it replicated by MTM. Even that is not a sure thing as I literally gave a great fitting fit to an MTM operation and got crap back.
Fine with the green. Any way to illustrate the others?
The biggest issue is the shoulders. These cannot really be changed. While any jacket can be taken in (or potentially let out) by an inch or so, more than one size change starts to mess with pattern and seam alignment.
I tried to do this and it did not work out well.
I've got a pair of blue suede shoes from Alden. Wear them once a week or so through the summer months with cream and khaki pants.
i think it depends on the look you are trying to achieve. if you want a normcore type of look weejuns or boatshoes. If you want more of a streetwear look some type of sneakers or lace up shoes (not with shorts of course). More info on how you like to dress would obviously help
I would be in for 3.5m
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