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Do you have the measurements for the tan 38S?
Quote: Originally Posted by laxnate First one sold to greenlantern but I just got another so back up for sale. Great seller and a very nice tie -- someone grab it!
Quote: Originally Posted by HalfCanvas yes -- 38r or 40r. descriptions please +1
Just had an excellent transaction with laxnate. Great seller.
Just had an excellent transaction with FStyles. Very good seller, highly recommended.
Bump for a great seller and some very nice stuff. Someone should jump on these, you're not going to find better prices for Canali and Corneliani in staple/conservative colors.
I might have some interest in a charcoal pinstripe in 40R depending on the style/cut.
Is the charcoal stripe Corneliani a pure 3 button or a 3 roll 2.5? Can't tell from the pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Peak. +1
Please don't.
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