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Unless you're an MD (or a rainmaking trader), I would leave the Tom Fords for the after work parties. Understated is the name of the game in PE today...
My waist is a 30/31 depending on the brand. Would the 32 Tanner belt fit me or should I go for the 30? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Quatsch I'm waiting for the 2 button Ludlow suit to go on sale to score one. Now, there's the "worsted wool ludlow" and the "Italian wool ludlow." Obviously the fabric on the worsted wool is supposed to be better, and the worsted wool has functional buttons and dual-vents. What I'm most concerned about is the colour. The worsted wool in navy looks straight up grey in the pictures on the website, and I'm looking for a true...
With respect to my website, we re-launch in a few days. Perhaps after the next StyleForum NYC meetup.... Thank you for the interest!
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester no, buy something nice if you can afford it. nice is not trendy. garbage is trendy. look around. I suppose it depends on the definition of the word "nice" (thanks Bill). If we consider fashion as the sum total of style and craftsmanship.... Fashion = Style + Craftsmanship You can have a beautifully handmade piece of clothing that is/was considered trendy. Take shoulder pads, skinny jeans,...
Quote: Originally Posted by torontolaker which brand is this? price? available in MTM? +1
I like the look too, but fear it's just a passing trend that will look dated next year. That's what's stopped me from investing in any truly nice pieces in this style this winter. Maybe hedge your bet with a mall fashion version like J. Crew or BR?
Hey Fok- I think I can make it. Won't know for sure until later this week if that's okay though. Will be great to see you guys again. Best, Dan
Pegu has great drinks. Wish I could make it. I'll be in the city just a few days earlier...
Wow. Props for the ID!
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