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About 6 years ago I bought some shirting fabric -- enough for 2 or 3 shirts (I forget). It's been sitting in my closet ever since. I guess that the good news is that I've lost some weight and if I had shirts made then they'd be too big. I need some recommendations for getting dress shirts made. As far as I can tell, no one here in Boston is all that interested in doing shirts with MY fabric. And I'd really like to finish this little project.
All of the Tom Ford suits I saw at one of his boutiques recently had unfinished sleeves. Working buttons on the sleeves was their default treatment.
I won a gift certificate that got me 3 J Hilburn shirts. The rep who met with me and measured me is not a clothing pro. I'm sure she received some training as to how to measure people, but that's still not the same as dealing with a pro, which I do locally here in Cambridge MA. She is nice enough, and ambitious, but I do prefer to work with true clothing professionals locally. They offered a decent variety of shirt fabrics, with the ability to customize ad infinitum. ...
I've been an over-packer for years. I've finally gotten used to the idea that I don't need a dress shirt, a t shirt, boxers, and socks for each and every day I'm away. A dress shirt, if not soiled, can be hung up and worn again after 24 hours of rest, for example.
Somehow I often manage to lose weight when traveling, or at least not gain much. 1. Eat a good breakfast. Make good choices (lean protein and fruit...avoid the pastries!!). 2. Related to 1 above is 'eat before you get too hungry.' For me, once I'm "starving," I make bad choices. 3. When on the road, the only time you typically have to make food choices is when the waiter is standing over you waiting for your order. IN THAT MOMENT is when you must make a good choice....
I bought my Devores in part because I really enjoyed the midrange. And sure, the room makes a huge difference, as does individual preferences.I bought these, my first real hi fi speakers, after listening at the dealer. I'll only ever buy after listening at home from now on, as the interaction with the room is so critical to figuring out what they'll sound like at home!
Actually that turntable appears to have a built-in preamp ("Switchable built-in pre-amplifier with line-level RCA output cables") so that it can be plugged into the "aux input" of virtually any receiver or integrated amplifier.
Yup I got my Devores and some of my Naim gear at Goodwins. The rest of the Naim gear I bought via Audiogon. Three different Audiogon transactions, all of which went swimmingly whereby I got barely used stuff, all built in 2011, for around 50% of retail. I'll continue to support Goodwins too, however.
I think that the next time I'm in NYC with an afternoon to burn I'll see if I can get over to his factory/office -- at least I'll email him and see if he's interested in meeting a customer.I had my audio sales guy come over and we spent a few hours moving the speakers around. It's really interesting what a few inches either way can do to the sound. Unfortunately, my room has some issues -- some odd little geometries and other than a 9x12 wool rug and some simple...
All I can add is that I love my Devore Nines. I listened to a fair number of speakers, and the imaging, soundstage and "openness" of the Nines is just outstanding. They are quite efficient -- don't take hundreds of watts to drive.
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