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Actually that turntable appears to have a built-in preamp ("Switchable built-in pre-amplifier with line-level RCA output cables") so that it can be plugged into the "aux input" of virtually any receiver or integrated amplifier.
Yup I got my Devores and some of my Naim gear at Goodwins. The rest of the Naim gear I bought via Audiogon. Three different Audiogon transactions, all of which went swimmingly whereby I got barely used stuff, all built in 2011, for around 50% of retail. I'll continue to support Goodwins too, however.
I think that the next time I'm in NYC with an afternoon to burn I'll see if I can get over to his factory/office -- at least I'll email him and see if he's interested in meeting a customer.I had my audio sales guy come over and we spent a few hours moving the speakers around. It's really interesting what a few inches either way can do to the sound. Unfortunately, my room has some issues -- some odd little geometries and other than a 9x12 wool rug and some simple...
All I can add is that I love my Devore Nines. I listened to a fair number of speakers, and the imaging, soundstage and "openness" of the Nines is just outstanding. They are quite efficient -- don't take hundreds of watts to drive.
Congrats on the new speakers, and I do need to download that; I've heard it sounds great.
Yeah the wires are a bit of a mess but she doesn't complain about them.A 'real audiophile' would employ "cable dressing" to maximize sound quality, but I've not gotten there yet. Although neatening the appearance would still be a quantifiable benefit.
Naaa my hi fi passed the WAF test :Key requirements were 'no spaceship-looking speakers,' (which BTW excluded B&O stuff), shelving that fit with our mid-century Danish decor, and, ahem, no exposed tubes.
In my experience, women do NOT want big honkin' loudspeakers in their living room ;-)
I remember "loudness buttons" from the 1970's. They are/were meant to compensate for low-level listening, as you stated. It's just eq -- turns up the bass and some treble.
In the same vein, I see that some higher-end integrated amps and preamps DO have balance controls. What are the plusses and minuses of having a balance control? My amp doesn't have one, but Naims up the range do. (None have tone controls . . . )
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