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I'm curious to find out how your shirts turn out. I walked by there today and the shop seemed quaint, but it was closed, so I couldn't go see the selections. I just checked out their website, and I agree, the suits don't look great. Leads me to believe that is really a made to measure operation for suiting. When you were there, did you get any information about their suiting?
The fabric is a very nice quality. In fact, the suit is awesome, except for the fact that the jacket is long for me. So, I'm going to return it and try and find a 44S.
I just bought a Canali 3 button suit on Ebay for a pretty good price (less than $200). Anyway, it's a 44R and it seems pretty long. Just wondering if anyone knows if Canali suits are generally cut long or what. Happy to hear hear anyones thoughts on the matter.
I go to Samuel Parker pretty regularly. Normally, it's just to pick up a new tie, pocket square or pair of socks. At the moment, his price point is a shade too high for me. With that being said, I did purchase a Samuelsohn sport jacket during his summer sale. It was fifty or sixty percent off. Tailoring was free. The jacket looks and fits great. Samuel Parker has two or three sales a year. If you sign up for their mailing list (not emailing list, they don't have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas I hold mine out in front of me and skip down the street singing "I have an iPhone and you smalltimers don't!" The scary bit is that I have seen this man do it. I have a case because I have already destroyed one Iphone. I carry the phone in my front right pocket with nothing else in the pocket save my roll of $100 bills.
I wear pink shirts and ties frequently. It's a great color for grey, blue and black suits. I never wear pink shoes. I can't think of a reason to wear pink shoes... ever. Anyway, pink is a great color, and while not everyone can wear it (either because they think it's not masculine or because they don't look good in it), I would recommend that everyone have at least one pink shirt or tie.
I bought one of their poplin suits recently at another sale that they were having. I can't say that I'm excited about the cut of the jacket. Most of their suiting works well for me, but for some reason this cut was less than ideal. Anyway, for a suit that's worn a few times over the summer, it does the job.
I agree with everyone else. White and light blue are great starting colors. So is a light pink and even a light purple/lavander. Enjoy the suits!
Mullholland makes a good wallet. They have a bunch of different kinds and all priced in your range. I got mine at Check 'em out.
I always go with a PS. Without it, I feel like my outfit is incomplete. With linen/cotton I prefer the TV Fold, but i have been known to dabble with other ways. Silk is puffed. I try to coordinate. Recently, I've started to try to go in other directions, trying to find colors in silk PS's that vaguely coordinate with a tie or a shirt.
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