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My thread was locked because I bumped my thread with a price drop that some member deemed not large enough. Is there a specific percentage that a price has to be dropped in order to avoid this from happening?
Offers welcome! I ship fedex CONUS for $5 or $7 if you are combining things. Spend over $100 and I'll ship for free. I accept paypal only (Please send as a personal payment). Feel free to PM with any questions you may have. NWT TOM FORD silk/linen sportcoat size 40R. $900 --> $825 Suit Measurements and details: Shoulders: 18" Chest: 20" BOC Length: 30 7/8" Sleeve: 26.5" Pant waist: 32" Pant inseam: 32" Jacket is a 3/2 notch lapel with patch...
ADDITIONS! Tom Ford SC and assorted ties
that's a beaut! If it had flat front trousers I'd be all over it!
Quote: Originally Posted by mfj20th I have perfect ebay feedback dating back to 1997...this guy's a kook...check with emorel or any of the other, non-bottom feeding, sample sale trolling losers, who mislist sizes--then make lame, 'your not an anoorexic mannequin" comments, b/c the runway sample he bought, then stunk up with cheap Aramis cologne, and pawned off to a trstung SF buyer, then accidently misplaced his measurements....Clearly life's too...
People only resort to the kind of name calling above when they have no real defense or nothing to lose. Both are the case for mfj20th. The truth is I caught him in a lie. I saved the PMs he sent in which he said the shoulder measurement for the jacket was 17" and that my measurements were too small by over an inch. I spoke with his friend who has it listed on ebay RIGHT NOW and she assured me the shoulder measurement was 100% correct as listed as 18 3/4". This, by the...
Final price drop on the sweaters and suit
looking good. Do these run large?
DO NOT SELL TO mfj20th. See why here.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Oh gosh. Reveal the scum. You want honest people on SF having to deal with this guy? Good point. mfj20th
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