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Finland has good prospects for importing coffee. Although the population is not that huge the amount of coffee consumed by an individual here is just ridiculous.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus If you have time to make anything, you have time to make a good, complete meal. If I'm waking up hungover with a dead hooker next to me and 2 minutes to be at work before I get the pink slip, I'll grab two bananas and two peanut butter Clif bars. That with a few cups of cheap coffee at work are enough to power a man for a good while. Amen to that . Good set of carbs with a cup of coffee in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger I started when my wife was pregnant and went for long runs...I only have a few shorts that have pockets to fit the phone well, my longer shorts have pockets that are too deep and the phone winds up below the shorts line and thats annoying. It also helped me when I hurt myself this a ride home... It is easier in the winter months when i can use the pockets of my wind breaker... Very...
I was first planning on getting something like a more portable iPod for when I hit the gym or go running but soon realized that iPhone isn't too bad to carry with ya when you go running. Haha, keeps you available as well, should someone decide to call you.
We were just discussing the whole blender/shake thing few weeks back as it would seem everything comes in liquid form nowadays. I mean they are blasting liquid breakfast, lunch etc in different media and people really seem to love the idea of drinking their breakfast while on their way to work. I guess the dynamic environment around you pushes you to save time in everything you can. Personally I enjoy spending time having nice breakfast, lunch and dinner, heh.
Just finished off like half a liter of water... Supposedly a healthier alternative to the can of beer lurking in the fridge, heh.
Casual jeans and t-shirt look. Pretty much my everyday look, heh.
I was previously doing few miles of running and about 45 minutes at the gym in the mornings while I was staying in Singapore last year. Nowadays it's about 3 mile run with some chin dips in the evenings. Working to get back in shape.
Interesting enough, I was walking around in my dress shoes the other day on my way to a meeting and really felt I was the only one making noise on the street. I guess this is how my wife feels everyday walking around wearing heels, heh.
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