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Nice... Liked the clip.
Barbershops for me.. Used to go to salons when I still had long hair, but with my current short hairdo, barbershop is better. I like the atmosphere as well, heh.
Been listening to Uyama Hiroto lately. Really liking the album a son of the sun... Good music for chilling purposes.
Go Lakers! I got a feeling this could be a great season. Loving the Lakers roster...
Just got the stock xylophone ringtone as a standard on my iphone. Although "silent mode" is in heavy rotation as well, heh.
Damn, I'm getting really anxious about the movie. Not sure if it's even gonna hit cinemas in Finland. Worse come to worst have to wait for the DVD release. But based on the trailer and footage I've seen from the movie, the flick looks great.
I'm thinking of starting Grim Fandango again soon. Some nostalgic ish, heh.
I need to cop the previous seasons on DVD and watch em' before starting with the season 7. Unfortunately haven't seen any episodes from the previous season yet. But going to fix that soon. My all time favorite comedy series for real...
Loving the series. The new season is looking great. Can't wait for more episodes...
Heh, nobody has ever noticed the pink inseam with my momotaros either.
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