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Thought about gifting it to someone, but no one I know would really appreciate it. Might do the contest thing or might just post it for trades only. Not sure I feel right about taking money for it. Keep the ideas coming though
Got my prize from TBS today and this bag is amazing, but absolutely massive. Doesn't suit me and is about half the size of my gf. Feel guilty but should I through it up in the BS?
Thanks man. Not sure if I will be able to rock the bag (might look silly with my wardrobe), but looking forward to the shirt, socks and candle. Oh, and the gingerbread. Girlfriend might have a new bag.
Not a purchase, but just won this stuff from Tres Bien. Nice early X-Mas gift!
One final price drop on this. This thing is officially a steal!
Sorry, it's 100% cotton.
One last price drop on this.
One more price drop on this.
Took $10 off. Now $55 shipped with in North America.
Great heavyweight sweater from Our Legacy. Amazing oatmeal coloured wool with flecks of brown in it. Fits quite slim through the body and sleeves. Worn a handful of times, but always over a button-down shirt. It's in perfect condition. Only reason I am selling it is because it is a little slim on me. Paypal only, preferably as a gift payment. Shipping within NA included in price. Item will be shipped from Toronto. International shipping will be extra. Measurements: Pit...
New Posts  All Forums: