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I got a pair of these from them last week. The fit is fine except they are like a 32" inseam. Just assumed they would be the same 34-36" inseam as the indigos.
So I put the MMM bag up in B&S for crazy cheap. Will donate half of whatever I get for it to the Styleforum McD fundraiser. Moo, I think you need this bag!
Ok, so I won this from TBS last week filled with lots of great stuff. Amazing bag, but not my style, so I thought I would pass it on to someone that would really appreciate for a very reasonable price. I don't have anyone to gift it to and since I feel a little guilty for selling something that I won, I'm going to donate half of whatever I get for it to Styleforum fundraiser for the Ronald Mc Donald House. On to details about the bag. I couldn't really find much info...
Thought about gifting it to someone, but no one I know would really appreciate it. Might do the contest thing or might just post it for trades only. Not sure I feel right about taking money for it. Keep the ideas coming though
Got my prize from TBS today and this bag is amazing, but absolutely massive. Doesn't suit me and is about half the size of my gf. Feel guilty but should I through it up in the BS?
Thanks man. Not sure if I will be able to rock the bag (might look silly with my wardrobe), but looking forward to the shirt, socks and candle. Oh, and the gingerbread. Girlfriend might have a new bag.
Not a purchase, but just won this stuff from Tres Bien. Nice early X-Mas gift!
One final price drop on this. This thing is officially a steal!
Sorry, it's 100% cotton.
One last price drop on this.
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