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Drinking a TenFidy right now. Has to be on the "Top 5 Beers out of a Can" list.
It's mildly sour, which is what I like. I used the Tartine country loaf recipe and method. I cold proofed one loaf in the fridge for about 12 hours and warm proofed the other for 4 hours. The cold proofed loaf was slightly more sour. Going to try a slightly higher hydration level next time.
Made some sourdough bread yesterday. First loaf made with my starter. Turned out pretty well. Ate it with some good cheeses and cured meats.
Epic day of drinking yesterday in Buffalo: Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale (can) Evil Twin Soft Dookie (bottle) Evil Twin Soft XMas Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top (bottle) Evil Twin Christmas Eve in A NYC Hotel Room (bottle) Evil Twin Yin and Yang (mixed as a black and Tan) (tap) Evil Twin Before, During and After Christmas (tap) Great Divide Oak Aged Espresso Yeti (tap) Brooklyn Black Ops (bottle) Great Divide Old Ruffian (tap)
What my Spanish tortilla turned into after I used most of the eggs I needed making brownies. Chorizo and sweet potato hash, fried egg, croutons. Brownies
Sounds like we are about the same size and I find the Our Legacy Placket button down shirts in size small to be a great fit. Too bad they don't make many anymore.
I got a pair of these from them last week. The fit is fine except they are like a 32" inseam. Just assumed they would be the same 34-36" inseam as the indigos.
So I put the MMM bag up in B&S for crazy cheap. Will donate half of whatever I get for it to the Styleforum McD fundraiser. Moo, I think you need this bag!
Ok, so I won this from TBS last week filled with lots of great stuff. Amazing bag, but not my style, so I thought I would pass it on to someone that would really appreciate for a very reasonable price. I don't have anyone to gift it to and since I feel a little guilty for selling something that I won, I'm going to donate half of whatever I get for it to Styleforum fundraiser for the Ronald Mc Donald House. On to details about the bag. I couldn't really find much info...
New Posts  All Forums: