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Pieced together fit. Steven Alan, Our Legacy, APC Albam, NB For all the NB haters
I'm in Canada and usually get hit with customs when ordering from TBS. Normally it's a bill from FedEx that I get a few weeks after the order arrives. TBS marks down the value in the package so the charge is never for very much.
Send me a bottle, please!
What's the red?
Sorry, didn't see the "French" part.
Blackbird Publican Girl and The Goat Ruxbin
Bubble wrap bottle, stick in thick cardboard tube and then lots of tape around the outside. If I'm shipping it across a border, I mark it as glass wear. So anyone up for a small trade?
Na, just a few bottles. It's against the law (stupid Canadian customs) so it would have to be a small amount done covertly. When I lived overseas I shipped a few bottles back to my brother in Canada marked as glass wear and they got through.
Yeah, the Ten Fidy was maybe a little on the expensive side, but nothing crazy. I paid $30 for a Black Ops and it wasn't really all that special. Wish I could get some of the Founders stuff up here. Love their Porter and had a few KBS in the summer which were great. Anyone want to do some trades?
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