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Anyone know of any, specifically for altering denim?
Quote: Originally Posted by mendel Nth-ing the "could Sudbury support that?" worries. My father owns a clothing store in Belleville, what store is that? i'm from brighton and did most of my shopping as a young kid a the good old quinte mall, until i found better places to spend my money. nice to see so many ontarians on these boards!
I think those numbers are very accurate for a shop opening in any fairly major market city in NA. However, I think he said he wants to open a shop in Sudbury. Sudbury has a population of about 150 000 people and is Northern Ontario, so I think the numbers you guys are quoting are high. A 150-200k store would never survive in Sudbury.
Quote: Originally Posted by Max It could be massively hot if you had it tailored through the torso. It's actually quite fitted through the body on me in a medium, especialy with a light sweater or hoodie under it. I know it does look a little dark or goth, but I think worn with fairly conservative streetwear items (ie APC, Dior Homme, ACNE and the sutch)it will look quite good. My only concerns are it may not be warm enough. However, I...
i think it looks better in person and its a great fit.
i know some of you are not big fans of filippa k, but how about this jacket? http://http://europe.zoovillage.com/store/productdetail.asp?CategoryID=0|0&BrandID=268&DisplayItemID=22444&Position=40&ListType=1 the picture is more clear if you make larger.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2000dB You can call UPS and tell them that you don't need them for the customs. You might have to fill some paperwork, but it'll save you all the UPS fees. I've heard you can do this. Has anyone on here done this and if so, how much work was it? Thanks for all the help guys
Hey Guys, This is a question for all you Canadians on the board, or anyone else who knows the answer. I'm looking to order something from Active Endeavours and I know it says they have free ground shipping to Canada on their site, but I also know they use UPS. I have heard UPS charges a very large amount upon delivery to bring packages across the border. I have heard this amount is sometimes half the value of the item. I know there will be duty fees, but are the...
was wearing this for the Leafs/Sens game i went to tonight (Sens won 5-3). Sorry no pics! W+H black classic fit pin-stripped hoodie Club Monaco black t-shirt Nudie Slim Jim Dry Black Adidas Stan Smith all white
I have had a pair of JamesIV for about 3months now and they are ok. I don't wear them all that much as they have streched and are a little big and the leg opening is a little wide for my liking. Had no problem with quality though, but wouldn't say they are as nearly as good quality as my APC jeans, which were around the same price.
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