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i'm not in the US, but in Canada and I order from TBS all the time. i normally get charged about $20-$30 regardless of how much i order. the guys at TBS are really good about putting a lower amount on the customs forms, so fees don't end up being too high. i think it's fedex's brokerage fee (their charge for getting the package through customs quickly) that makes it that much.
this stuff is really cheap. please buy something!
hope sweater sold!
final markdowns: parka $100 jr sweat $45 whyred cardi $40 hope sweater $40 cm cardigan $10
velour t-shirt sold.
parka now $130 julian red sweatshirt now $50
bump to the top!
Quote: Originally Posted by GY!BE 9.5 in vans or sperrys I dont know generic man sizing LETS SEE SOME PIX MISTER It's a 44 that I have, so they would be too big for you. Too bad...
Quote: Originally Posted by GY!BE not sneakers, but i really want to pick up some generic man savants in whisky... and the chukkas are nice i have a pair of savants in whiskey that i have worn once. what size are you?
new prices: Stray Boys parka- $150 Hope sweater- $50 Whyred cardigan- $50 CM cardigan- $15 Julian Red sweatshirt- $60 Velour t-shirt- $15
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