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Depends what you want done, but I use Studio Kim on King Street (just West of Bathurst) for hems and tappering and she does good work. If you need more complicated stuff like chain stitching or something I would try Sydney's on Queen St.
they look good. i have a pair of oc suede desert boots and they feel kinda cheap. you really can't arguee with TBS prices and customer service.
Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy update i havent gotten a bill from fedex for any extra fees and its been a week i ordered a pair of shoes @ 200.00 USD...and shipping was pretty fast i ordered on TUES and got them on FRI ...from tres bien to florida i didn't get charged any customs fees on my last order either. how do you like the shoes? what colour did you get. post a fit pic if you can.
JR Sweatshirt and Whyred cardigan still for sale. $40 each or $75 for both.
i'm not in the US, but in Canada and I order from TBS all the time. i normally get charged about $20-$30 regardless of how much i order. the guys at TBS are really good about putting a lower amount on the customs forms, so fees don't end up being too high. i think it's fedex's brokerage fee (their charge for getting the package through customs quickly) that makes it that much.
this stuff is really cheap. please buy something!
hope sweater sold!
final markdowns: parka $100 jr sweat $45 whyred cardi $40 hope sweater $40 cm cardigan $10
velour t-shirt sold.
parka now $130 julian red sweatshirt now $50
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