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this stuff is really cheap. please buy something!
hope sweater sold!
final markdowns: parka $100 jr sweat $45 whyred cardi $40 hope sweater $40 cm cardigan $10
velour t-shirt sold.
parka now $130 julian red sweatshirt now $50
bump to the top!
Quote: Originally Posted by GY!BE 9.5 in vans or sperrys I dont know generic man sizing LETS SEE SOME PIX MISTER It's a 44 that I have, so they would be too big for you. Too bad...
Quote: Originally Posted by GY!BE not sneakers, but i really want to pick up some generic man savants in whisky... and the chukkas are nice i have a pair of savants in whiskey that i have worn once. what size are you?
new prices: Stray Boys parka- $150 Hope sweater- $50 Whyred cardigan- $50 CM cardigan- $15 Julian Red sweatshirt- $60 Velour t-shirt- $15
COS Winter hat sold!
New Posts  All Forums: