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Do any of you guys bake sourdough bread at home? I've been doing it for about 8 months now. I'm using the recipe/method for basic country loaf from the Tartine Bread book and it's staring to come out pretty decent. The whole process of making and maintaining a starter and then using it to create a levain for the bread is quite enjoyable. It's a fairly time consuming process, but with some planing it can be adapted to fit into a full-time work schedule. I bake two loafs...
Beef, barley and stout pie.
No barrel aged Peche at the LCBO, but sometimes bars and restaurants have them. Brooklyn is quite good with a few years of aging on it. I like Nogne 100 and the Nogne Two Captains is a pretty solid Imperial IPA. The 100 also ages well. Lava is a Smoked Imperial Stout from Iceland and is pretty good. Definitely worth picking up. http://bit.ly/c285kw Have you been to Bellwoods on Ossington yet? Their Hellwoods Stout is really good. Their Imperial IPA, Witchshark, will...
Not exactly RIS but, good stouts at the LCBO right now are Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Peche Mortel, Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, and Lava Smoked Imperial Stout.
It's going to be in Canada as well. At least Ontario anyway. The LCBO is selling it in 6 packs for $75. I believe they come with a glass or two.
Selling a new pair of APC New Standards in Noir. They are raw with red selvage lines. New, never been worn, only tried on. Purchased from TBS. I had them ever so slightly tapered from the knee down. They were done professionally, by a very good tailor. I now think they have the perfect fit. Tapered like the Petit standard, but with the rise of the new standard! They were not hemmed. In my opinion these are not as vanity sized as the Indigo New Standards and will likely...
Yeah, I think price and freshness is an issue with Mikkeller stateside. Retailers in the US can't move it fast enough because of the price in comparison to local craft beers. Stuff sits on the shelves too long.I have had the pleasure of drinking a lot of their beer very fresh at their bar in Copenhagen (probably my favourite bar in the world), so I have tasted it at its best and have never been dissatisfied. Last time I was at the bar, I was talking about freshness with...
Final price drop on this. If it doesn't sell at this price, I will just keep it.
Your crazy! I can't remember having an average Mikkeller beer let alone a bad one. And I've had a lot of his beers.
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