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Prices are in USD and include regular airmail shipping in North America. If you are outside of North America or want faster shipping PM me for a quote. Items will be shipped from Toronto. APC Button-up Shirt Medium APC shirt from last spring summer. Nice check pattern, square cut and button and tab on sleeves to roll them up. Worn a handful of times. $50-->$45-->$40 Measurements: pit to pit- 21" length down back- 29" Cheap Monday Tight Over Dye Indigo Blue...
This b-store shirt is still up for grabs for only $30! It is a really great shirt and a really good deal.
new cures pending take another $5 off the Ervell. fit pics here http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk...d.php?t=147436
MAC looks great! Any plans to do it in other colours? Navy or Khaki?
take $5 off both items!
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce All of their photos and models are so consistently terrible. This one looks like she wants to slit her wrists i love that girl! love my scandinavian girls...even the suicidal ones
Prices are in USD and include shipping within North America via regular airmail. If you are not in North America or want faster shipping contact me and I will give you a quote. Items will be shipped from Toronto. Paypal only. APC New Cure size 30 A pair of New Cures that have been worn lots, but are still in good shape. They have not been altered, washed, soaked, dry cleaned or anything. Most of the wear is behind the knee. $70 Measurements: Waist flat across...
bump for price drop to $40!
i think he means how long has it been hanging on the hanger (time), because it looks like it's causing it to stretch out.
what is the pit to pit on the parka?
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