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Quote: Originally Posted by bassmanpatsfan18 I love that EG chambray popover. Everything else looks great too. +1 Where did you get it? The chambray popover that is...
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser they look like it yes, those are the ones that i am wearing.
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow ahk, that is a vey nice photo. the vintage car, the traffic cone, the bridge...and your outfit is a great spring looks. thanks! the way that I am standing (bad posture) makes the fit on the sweatshirt look a little off though. imo it normally looks better. Quote: Ahk, how do you like the OL white denim? Looks good. thanks. i really like them. the colour and texture on them are...
not today, but saturday in Williamsburg. clothes and shoes Our Legacy, bag Filson x UO. food @ Egg.
i have always wanted to try this place
ending on ebay tomorrow night!
up on ebay now!
they always reply to my emails within a couple of days. the web guy doesn't work weekends, so that could be the reason he hasn't got back to you yet.
price drop to $150.
Quote: Originally Posted by JOoa0ky This guy knows his stuff haha and I totally agree. The jacket certainly does not look like it was made for the modern 'slim fit' type of look. I mean look at the measurements (took this off of the link someone posted a few pages earlier). Size 36: PTP:20.5"\t Back:26.5"\t Arms:22.0" 22 inch arms... on the bodybuilding forums getting over 20 inch arms is like golden and people spend years trying to get it to that...
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