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Quote: Originally Posted by justinpba Bear Republic in Healdsburg is pretty good. Anderson Valley Brewery is another that comes to mind. Yes, Bear Republic is very good! Their Hop Rod Rye is one of my favourite Imperial IPAs.
some of the best microbreweries in the US and the world are in CA: Stone Crewing Co. Rusian River Brewery AleSmith Brewing Company Port Brewing/Lost Abbey
not sure what jeans you are talking about, but i happen to like all of the jeans OL did this spring. edit: above comment was for Mazda.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda Oh don't get him started with those again. not sure what you are talking about...fill me in.
Thanks. Jeans are Our Legacy.
the Canadian tuxedo for Canada Day...
Geller now $75 and Acne now $45!!
bump. need $$ for a please buy this stuff!! will accept all reasonable offers!
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Alden blucher wingtips for J. Gilbert. thanks, they look great. you like them?
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