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bump. need $$ for a suit...so please buy this stuff!! will accept all reasonable offers!
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Alden blucher wingtips for J. Gilbert. http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/index...ng_Tip_219.htm thanks, they look great. you like them?
Quote: Originally Posted by cancel.sing Holts carries Polo, Black Label and Purple Label. I've never seen RRL there, ever. Where are you finding it? i looked today too and couldn't find any. i was too lazy to ask though...so i can't 100% confirm that they don't have it.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin what are the brogues that are on the floor in that first picture.
dropped the prices again!
geller and acne still up for grabs. lots of pms about both, but still no sales. more price drops and you can always make me an offer!
Quote: Originally Posted by mpcec Awesome shirt and fantastic price. I think this is actually the one I used to own? Had some sellers remorse with this... this shirt has now been sold. thanks mpec, it is a great shirt. not the one you had though...i got this one from TBS. i rember you had this one and the pink one though. did you sell them both?
Quote: Originally Posted by matthieulavanchy hello, i'm really interested in the shirt. do you remember what size it is? smal, medium, large? if it's a large i'll take it right away! let me kow... thanks, matthieu It is a medium. It is pending sale though. I will let you know if the sale falls through.
APC shirt sold. Price drop by $10 on Geller shirt and $5 on Acne jeans.
ok, i lied...$75! Retail was like $250!!
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