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Final price drop on the acnes...they are now $30 shipped within North America.
I still have this bStore shirt if anyone wants it. I will let it go for $25 shipped in North America.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lachy Maybe, but he would be using an old school wooden racquet too, so his shots would not be as fast and powerful off the strings. I think he'd do well though, he can place that ball where ever he likes. having held and strung Federer's racquet, it is likely the least technologically advanced racquet used by any player on the tour. it is essentially the Pro Staff 6.0 that wilson has been making for about 30 years...
Quote: Originally Posted by Terminator At nearly 6"3 and most of my height thru my torso I'm down with long. I have fairly broad shoulders for my build tho. Definitely looking forward to re-checked measurements. sorry, it sold on superfuture. i think it would have been too snug on you anyway. acnes still available for $40!
Quote: Originally Posted by Terminator I'm a pretty standard medium which usually equates to 48 and if I thought this would fit me I'd be all over it at this price. But those measurements appear far too slim for me. As an Aussie not having had an opportunity to try Geller on before, is it fair to say his fits are very slim? yes, his shirts are on the slim side. slim and fairly long. i would not say "very" slim though. i will double check the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda I will agree that Arrogant Bastard isn't all it's cracked up to be. Double Bastard is though!
Quote: Originally Posted by justinpba Bear Republic in Healdsburg is pretty good. Anderson Valley Brewery is another that comes to mind. Yes, Bear Republic is very good! Their Hop Rod Rye is one of my favourite Imperial IPAs.
some of the best microbreweries in the US and the world are in CA: Stone Crewing Co. http://www.stonebrew.com/ Rusian River Brewery http://russianriverbrewing.com/ AleSmith Brewing Company http://www.alesmith.com/ Port Brewing/Lost Abbey http://www.lostabbey.com/
not sure what jeans you are talking about, but i happen to like all of the jeans OL did this spring. edit: above comment was for Mazda.
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