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Quote: Originally Posted by dusty What are the prices/fits like on this stuff? prices are pretty reasonable. button downs are about $130, chinos $150, knits $175 and outerwear $400-500. stuff fits slim, but not BOO slim. i am tall and slim and most of the time their small fits me almost perfect. for reference, have a look at some of my waywtd pics. i'm pretty much always wearing atleast one thing from them.
lots more pictures of the collection here: http://swipelife.com/2009/05/04/our-...mnwinter-2009/
[quote=imightbechad;2249801]Anyone know when this stuff is likely to drop? Anymore pictures floating around out there? QUOTE] I would think it will start showing up in stores at the end of August. Likely at TBS first.
Quote: Originally Posted by v3l Is that bag made by Beckel? How do you like it? I'm thinking of getting one but I have no way of being able to see it in person Yes, I'm pretty sure it is. I got it at In God We Trust in NYC, so instead of having a Beckel tag, it has an In God We Trust tag on it. Of course that means I over paid for it, but I still really like it. If you can get it for the price on the Beckel site, then I think you should grab...
Quote: Originally Posted by wurlwyde Money sent. Sold to wurlwyde!
Hey, I have a classic plain black leather Commes des Garcons wallet for sale. It is the half zip (zipper is gold) model and measures 110mm x 95mm. It has been used sparingly and is still in great shape. SOLD! Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Actually yes he does. We diseccted it in another Tennis forum, its pretty common knowledge there. Well having strung his racquet and talked to the head of Wilson racquets in Europe, I can tell you it is not just a Ksix-one 90 with modifications. However, specs wise, it is very close to the K-90. Are you talking about the thread on the Tennis Warehouse Tennis Talk forum? If so, I saw that.
Yeah, she is friends with Fed. I like it much better when she is sitting in his box than when Gavin Rossdale is in there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Federer uses the stock K-90 with modifications (weight, grip, etc) no he doesn't.
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