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Quote: Originally Posted by aoluffy I received my chinos today and I'm really pleased. Thanks. care to post a fit pic?
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell Nothing is set in stone with the ties. What kind of width would you guys prefer? i personally think around 2.5" is a good width.
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell Here is a picture of one of our ties. We plan to do some seersucker and chambray ones. Should we? We would plan for them to sell around $60-$65 after the discount. i would really like a navy and white gingham seersucker tie. blue chambray would be nice as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty What are the prices/fits like on this stuff? prices are pretty reasonable. button downs are about $130, chinos $150, knits $175 and outerwear $400-500. stuff fits slim, but not BOO slim. i am tall and slim and most of the time their small fits me almost perfect. for reference, have a look at some of my waywtd pics. i'm pretty much always wearing atleast one thing from them.
lots more pictures of the collection here:
[quote=imightbechad;2249801]Anyone know when this stuff is likely to drop? Anymore pictures floating around out there? QUOTE] I would think it will start showing up in stores at the end of August. Likely at TBS first.
Quote: Originally Posted by v3l Is that bag made by Beckel? How do you like it? I'm thinking of getting one but I have no way of being able to see it in person Yes, I'm pretty sure it is. I got it at In God We Trust in NYC, so instead of having a Beckel tag, it has an In God We Trust tag on it. Of course that means I over paid for it, but I still really like it. If you can get it for the price on the Beckel site, then I think you should grab...
Quote: Originally Posted by wurlwyde Money sent. Sold to wurlwyde!
Hey, I have a classic plain black leather Commes des Garcons wallet for sale. It is the half zip (zipper is gold) model and measures 110mm x 95mm. It has been used sparingly and is still in great shape. SOLD! Thanks!
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