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Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Nice blinds. window is giant, so options are very limited. it's even better that they are like a light seafoam green/blue colour.
bumping this!
Acnes have now been sold!
acnes are still hanging around... $26!
still no sign of my medium Hopefully next week.
If I can't find a trade, I am willing to sell my small for $120 shipped in North America. Pictures and measurements can be seen here:
Looking to trade a size small white RRL for medium. My small is new, so I am looking for the medium to be new as well.
Looking to trade a size small white RRL oxford for a size medium. Would like the medium to be new or close to new (my small is new with tag on button placket still attached).
Not surprisingly, the Swedish brands tend to make nice winter coats. Look at: Acne Filippa K Hope (my favourite, but likely the most $$$) Whyred
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