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Looking to trade a size small white RRL oxford for a size medium. Would like the medium to be new or close to new (my small is new with tag on button placket still attached).
Not surprisingly, the Swedish brands tend to make nice winter coats. Look at: Acne Filippa K Hope (my favourite, but likely the most $$$) Whyred
Quote: Originally Posted by aoluffy I received my chinos today and I'm really pleased. Thanks. care to post a fit pic?
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell Nothing is set in stone with the ties. What kind of width would you guys prefer? i personally think around 2.5" is a good width.
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell Here is a picture of one of our ties. We plan to do some seersucker and chambray ones. Should we? We would plan for them to sell around $60-$65 after the discount. i would really like a navy and white gingham seersucker tie. blue chambray would be nice as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty What are the prices/fits like on this stuff? prices are pretty reasonable. button downs are about $130, chinos $150, knits $175 and outerwear $400-500. stuff fits slim, but not BOO slim. i am tall and slim and most of the time their small fits me almost perfect. for reference, have a look at some of my waywtd pics. i'm pretty much always wearing atleast one thing from them.
lots more pictures of the collection here: http://swipelife.com/2009/05/04/our-...mnwinter-2009/
[quote=imightbechad;2249801]Anyone know when this stuff is likely to drop? Anymore pictures floating around out there? QUOTE] I would think it will start showing up in stores at the end of August. Likely at TBS first.
Quote: Originally Posted by v3l Is that bag made by Beckel? How do you like it? I'm thinking of getting one but I have no way of being able to see it in person Yes, I'm pretty sure it is. I got it at In God We Trust in NYC, so instead of having a Beckel tag, it has an In God We Trust tag on it. Of course that means I over paid for it, but I still really like it. If you can get it for the price on the Beckel site, then I think you should grab...
Quote: Originally Posted by wurlwyde Money sent. Sold to wurlwyde!
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