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I was in Vermont this weekend as well. Picked up a case of Heady Topper, some Hill Farmstead Ephraim and some bottles of Main Brewing stuff. Wish I could have got more, but didn't want to have to pay Canadian customs on it. It was my first time in Vermont and I loved it! It's like a magical land of beer.
Went to Bar Isabel on Friday. As expected, food was really good. Great cocktail and beer list was well. The space in pretty cool and definitely different from anything else in Toronto. Want to go back and try some more dishes.
Hadn't seen the Toronto episode of the Layover until you mentioned it. I have just been eating in Toronto for the last 10 years and these are the places that I curently like and would recommend,
Squash and kale risotto, fried egg
I use Tuscan kale for Caesar salads on occasion. The kale has to be good and fresh though, with no sign of limpness.
Avoid Spledido and Canoe, unless your are looking for expensive fine dining. Black Hoof is always good and is a fun foodie spot because you can watch the cooks put out great food in a ridiculously small kitchen using a household kitchen stove. Get drinks from Cocktail bar across the street while you wait for your table at Black Hoof.Edulis is another great spot for dinner. They also do Sunday brunch, but it's not really a bloody mary brunch spot. For that I would suggest...
Do any of you guys bake sourdough bread at home? I've been doing it for about 8 months now. I'm using the recipe/method for basic country loaf from the Tartine Bread book and it's staring to come out pretty decent. The whole process of making and maintaining a starter and then using it to create a levain for the bread is quite enjoyable. It's a fairly time consuming process, but with some planing it can be adapted to fit into a full-time work schedule. I bake two loafs...
Beef, barley and stout pie.
No barrel aged Peche at the LCBO, but sometimes bars and restaurants have them. Brooklyn is quite good with a few years of aging on it. I like Nogne 100 and the Nogne Two Captains is a pretty solid Imperial IPA. The 100 also ages well. Lava is a Smoked Imperial Stout from Iceland and is pretty good. Definitely worth picking up. http://bit.ly/c285kw Have you been to Bellwoods on Ossington yet? Their Hellwoods Stout is really good. Their Imperial IPA, Witchshark, will...
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