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@ Chrono... thanks! Yeah jeans and shirt are both OL. You should get the light wash petit standards. That cut seems to fit you well. @ Dr Huh?... sleeves are rolled a bunch of times and are plenty long enough when down. shirt has only been dry cleaned and hasn't shrunk.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol ok. it still looks like shit whether it's meant to look like shit or not also those glasses don't suit your face ok, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol shirt doesn't fit you post too much! shirt is a little big in the shoulders and looks larger because of my poor posture. it's linen so its meant to be a little loose.
earlier this week today. slouching badly so shirt fit in shoulders doesn't look great.
Quote: Originally Posted by the_pole can you guys recommend me a saddle shoe ? http://www.asos.com/Ymc-Basic/Ymc-Ba...rt=-1&clr=Grey
Quote: Originally Posted by Ga-vroche Strange, I wore pretty much the same thing today. Cue Uncontrol to say something like: "not strange since 90% of people on here dress exactly the fucking same." Although, I'm sure he would say it in a much wittier manner, but none the less, I might have saved him a post.
When I lived in Canada I used to order from TBS all the time and when they started sending packages using Fedex (they used to just use Swedish Post) I would always get charged customs fees. Sometimes I would have to pay them to the driver when he/she delivered the packages, but most of the time I would receive a bill a few weeks later. It was always for the same amount (about $25) because TBS would always mark the packages down to the same amount.
Quote: Originally Posted by bows1 Gav-roche where can I get that white tee? I like the neckline. Or anyone else who knows. Acne has lots of tees like that. Or for a less expensive alternative (although not available in the US) try COS.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Why is it that almost no one makes trousers in a slate grey twill? It's always khaki and black. Grey is way more wearable than black, IMO. I'd buy these in a heartbeat if they were grey: Margaret Howell always does a grey trouser in her MHL line. She has one in a colour called "lead" this season: http://www.margarethowell.co.uk/#/sh...pocket-trouser
Quote: Originally Posted by Thrifter Someone needs to post a torrent so I can catch up on this shit. http://ipb.quicksilverscreen.com/ind...0&#entry942065
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